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commuting ridgewood to nycCommuter towns are becoming increasingly popular for those who wish to get more bang for their buck when purchasing their dream home. Not only can you find a larger house with a spacious yard by looking outside of the city, but your property value is more likely to maintain or increase. Furthermore, you have a better selection of school districts, and the ability to choose safe and quiet bedroom communities, ideal for raising children. It's no wonder that many people choose to live outside the city and commute into their workplace.

Are you considering Ridgewood, but want more information about your trip into the city? Look no further than this overview of commuting from Ridgewood, NJ to NYC.

Commuting To NYC From Ridgewood, NJ

There are four ways

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ridgewood newsThere is no doubt that Ridgewood, NJ is characterized by gorgeous homes which have been lovingly maintained by residents with unbelievable community pride. Our pretty, tree-lined streets, and stunning homes that ooze curb appeal, are part of the reason why Ridgewood has consistently ranked as one of the "Best Places to Live in New Jersey".

The desire to maintain the high-standards of properties within our beautiful village have led some residents to express concerns about abandoned homes that have become blemishes in otherwise preserved neighborhoods. The fear of these uninhabitable properties affecting neighboring home values, and the idea of the dilapidated buildings becoming a safety concern, has caused Ridgewood officials to sit up and take

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protect your ridgewood homeNow that the weather is cooling down and summer is over, you may be looking for a little get away to combat the "back-to-school blues". However, before you immerse yourself in the pleasures of hot sun and cold Mojitos, make sure you take the necessary steps to safeguard your Ridgewood home while you're gone. Follow our tips to protect your slice of Ridgewood, NJ real estate heaven, and you'll be even more likely to relax and lose yourself in a state of worry-free, vacation bliss.

5) Enlist The Help Of Someone Trusted

The first thing you should do is the enlist the help of someone you trust. Whether a friend, neighbor or family member, pick someone reliable who can check in on your home while you're away. You can also have them help with picking up

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home staging tipsSelling your home can be an extremely stressful time in your life. Often, not only are you stressing over getting your current home ready to sell, but you are also juggling several other things including arranging your new home and scheduling a move. All this on top of the your every day life that can be stressful enough on its own. This is a juggling act that can only be maintained for so long before some portions of your life begin to unravel. This guide is designed to give you some quick and easy steps to get your home in the best selling shape, with minimal effort.

Present the Best Home You Can

This one almost goes without saying - make sure your home is clean. I mean really clean, like hotel-room clean. Don't think that just because you are

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