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We've all made them. And we're all equally guilty of breaking them at some point. Sometimes we'll even shamelessly cross out the last digit of the year in question and will simply change it to the next digit, leaving the rest of the list intact. It's almost like cheating, and too often people will ask "what's the point?" and give up altogether.

Change your unhealthy diet and lifestyle. Lose weight. Quit smoking. Drink less ("quit drinking forever" being the popular variation of this among college kids). Spend more time with _____. Spend less money on _____. File taxes on time, this time. And the list goes on.

Although well-intentioned and noble, goals that comprise our New Year's resolutions can oftentimes feel a bit daunting or nearly impossible.

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With less than a fortnight to go before Christmas and soon New Year's Eve, people's day planners are sure to fill up exponentially. Everywhere you look, everyone will be scurrying to get everything done before the 2014 cut-off date, when the entire year's events slips away from our grasp into the nethers of our memory. Some people love the Holiday craze (oftentimes descending into frenzy and, sometimes, chaos), while other people want nothing more than to close their eyes and wake up in 2015 with fresh smiles on their faces.

One thing we can all agree on is that the Holidays in Bergen County and elsewhere in the world are all about rituals. Year in and year out we go through the familiar time-tested rituals: shopping for last minute gifts in dizzyingly

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Located in northern New Jersey, Franklin Lakes is an upscale suburb in Bergen County. Developed in 1922, Franklin Lakes originally began as a rural area, but has since matured into a prosperous community with a charming atmosphere. Only an hour away from downtown Manhattan, Franklin Lakes, NJ real estate is especially attractive for commuters, providing them with a quiet, picturesque home away from the city, with easy access to New York. With a population nearing 11,000 residents, the charming elegance of the community combined with its scenic natural beauty attracts home buyers looking for a looking for an exceptional quality of life.

Franklin Lakes, NJ Real Estate

The community of Franklin Lakes is primarily made up of secluded residential

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10 ways to save money on your heating bill this winterWe all like to save a bit of money, but on the other side of things, you can’t shiver your way through the winter, either. Luckily, there is a middle ground. You can stay warm while keeping those heating costs under control at the same time. The key is keeping the heat that you have inside your home and using the heating equipment you have, efficiently. By following these simply, easy-to-follow tips, you will see your heating bill drop noticeably without spending an arm or a leg.

10) Replace worn or torn weather-stripping – This is an easy way to let heat escape your home. Weather-stripping is what helps your doors and windows keep a tight seal, keeping your heat in and the cold outdoor elements out.

9) Adjust your doors threshold – Related to the

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