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tech trends smart homeSometimes, a home can feel a bit lacking without the right gadgets to complement your home life. Our needs never seem to know when to stop evolving, and thankfully, neither does technology. Here are a few gadgets comprising technology trends in 2015 you may find yourself shopping for:

Automating Your Home With Insteon Hub Pro

With wider adoption of smart home devices like the Insteon Hub Pro, modern home life has become more and more about control and convenience--whether or not we're actually at home. You can control lights and outlets, thermostats, sensors and detectors, cameras and more from your mobile device, regardless of where you are in the world. This automation device is perfect for families wanting a peace of mind while vacationing far

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advantages of home ownershipThere are certainly a number of important factors to consider if you are thinking about purchasing a home. Although home ownership brings with it quite a few attractive long-term benefits, the initial commitment and costs are surely not something to scoff at.

For one, you have to be fairly secure in both your home life and your work life; unlike renting, it isn’t possible just to get up and go with little or no notice at all. And secondly, the costs associated with buying a home can be significantly higher than renting, at least in the first few years. But if you are financially secure enough, there are few investments that will see the kinds of returns and long-term benefits as home ownership.

The Financial Advantages

Tax Deductions. Unlike

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Winter may have fallen on us here in Bergen County but we can’t let the cooler weather keep us cooped up inside indefinitely. We aren’t bears - so sleeping all winter isn’t an option; we still need to get outside and continue on with our lives. The holiday season is a great time for familes and friends to get together, and what better way to spend some time together than to bundle up, throw on a scarf and enjoy the state’s beautiful natural environment. We present to you the top parks in Bergen County just waiting to be discovered and explored by you and your family this season.

Ramapo Mountain State Park

This state park takes up upwards of 4,268 square miles near Mahwah, New Jersey. The rugged forest area contains 30 miles of trails of varying

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