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There is a lot of history and style in our quiet little town of Ridgewood, New Jersey and a great deal of that history can be found in the town’s architecture. From the first home built by Johannes Van Emburgh in 1700 right through to today’s newer developments, the architectural styling of Ridgewood tells the story of our town. Take a drive around Ridgewood and see if you can identify the different styles of houses that add to our town’s character. To get you started, we’ve provided a quick snapshot of four of the more popular styles of architectural design that can be found within our community.

English Tudor/English Cottage

The English Tudor style of architecture, or more accurately the Tudor Revival style, brings to mind quaint little pubs in

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Located near the center of the village of Ridgewood, New Jersey and surrounded by the historic homes that make up this quaint community, sits the focal point for neighborhood outdoor summertime fun: the historical Graydon Park and Pool. A gathering place for families for the last century, Graydon Park and its spring fed pool has provided outdoor fun for four generations of Ridgewood residents and visitors. If you’re looking for some family friendly outdoor activities to keep you busy this summer, Graydon Pool has something for just about everyone.

Graydon Pool Swimming and Beach

The main feature of this historical park is, of course, the famous Graydon Pool. A natural spring fed and sandy-floored lake, Graydon Pool has white sandy beaches

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These days, technology develops at a staggering pace. Ask any teenager and they’ll be sure to tell you how “old” your current cell phone is… even if you did just get it last year. With advancements in technology comes the ability for home owners to adapt their homes in order to take full advantage of these new products. And while some of the initial setup costs can be a bit on the pricey side, more often than not the gains in energy efficiency will pay off in the long-run. Before you know it, you’ll be pocketing a bit of extra cash when it comes time to pay the utility bills and wondering why you didn’t “smarten up” earlier.

Smart Light Bulbs

Smart lights are probably the easiest of the smart home products to install, and in the case of the color

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quick fixes to help sell your Ridgewood, NJ home
While we all like to think our homes are in tip-top shape and near pristine condition, potential home buyers are the first to notice small repairs that need attention within minutes of walking into your Ridgewood, NJ home. Here are our suggestions for a few common quick fixes that you, as a seller, can do yourself with just a few tools, very little money and a little elbow grease.

Flooring Fixes

One of the first things a potential buyer sees when entering your home is the flooring. If you have old, stained or worn out carpet, you might want to consider replacing it. Or, if you’re lucky enough to have hardwood flooring below, remove the carpet altogether and expose the floors. Many Ridgewood homes have existing hardwood floors that could use a bit of

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