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Summer is here and you're ready to catch up on all the home upkeep you've let slide all winter. Don't fret — doing so can be fun, and the final results of your work are endlessly fulfilling. That's why we've put together 5 tips to help you get started on your summer home improvement journey!


Scrub Up Your Home

Cleaning is the key step toward a lot of things, isn't it? Before you can get your house perfectly summer-ready, you need to start with a fresh base. Summer means lots of sunshine, and sunshine highlights dust and dirt. In the heat, you'll want things to be sparkling clean, so get out your sponges, solutions, and tools to deep clean your whole property. Don't forget — summer is bug season, so you want to keep things clutter-free. The

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Situated on stunning Elmsley Court, this striking white manor is surrounded by historic trees and displays a traditional magnificence. Its French Provincial architecture, grand stone and stucco facade, and expansive interior lend it a palatial quality, allowing residents to feel as though their home is truly boundless.

This posting dates from 1992; this part of Ridgewood was just as high in status then as it is now. Tarvin Realtors has helped buy and sell a wealth of homes just like this one, and doing so is something that never becomes monotonous. To those passionate about real estate, seeing the gorgeous homes of Ridgewood and Midland Park become the property of new owners with new visions — and seeing residents find fresh appeal in a

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Ridgewood is a truly outstanding place — in fact, it might just be the best town in the state. But that doesn't mean you'll never need to just "get out of town". Everyone deserves at least one summer getaway — and luckily for Ridgewood residents, there is a lifetime's supply of world-class destinations within a short distance of home. From pristine beaches to woodsy alpine lodges, historic attractions, and world-class dining, your options are virtually limitless. So, pack up your car and start driving — there's so much to see!

Phoenicia, NY

Phoenicia isn't tourist free — but a few tourists don't take away the authentic appeal of this scenic destination. Phoenicia makes for a perfect getaway, offering a "home-away-from-home" comfort combined with an

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This listing of a 'classic Dutch Colonial' dates from February 7th, 1975, when Tarvin Realtors had been in business for 4 years, and showcases a gorgeous luxury estate that could have been plucked directly from the stills of a golden age film. Situated on a treed lot, this stately house possesses all the features of a grand high society property: ornate detailing, rich wood, entertaining parlors, and even a handsome library. A listing price of just under $85,000 is representative of the posting's era, and although finding such a spectacular heritage estate at this price in today's market would be nearly impossible, Tarvin Realtors is still helping the residents of Ridgewood buy and sell at the fairest prices.

In the bottom of the listing, you'll see

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Every summer, Ridgewood comes alive with a fantastic roster of community-run events for locals of all ages. You probably read about the upcoming summer camps; now, discover the amazing Ridgewood events set to occur over the next couple of months! We have something for everyone — the artist, theater enthusiast, entrepreneur, business expert, and newcomer to the community will all find fantastic events to attend in Ridgewood this summer. So, check out our guide to the community's forthcoming festivities and fill your calendar with fun!

Brown Bag Lunch Bunch

This one is a reoccurring event that takes place every Tuesday. The Brown Bag Lunch Brunch is a networking event for women run by the Ridgewood Chamber Of Commerce. The time for these meetings

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This week, our archival photo showcases a classic Colonial home that Tarvin Realtors hosted an open house for. The timeless appeal of this stately home can be seen by looking at the Ridgewood listings today; the community's most coveted luxury homes are often crafted in this classically elegant style. Over the years, Tarvin Realtors has helped a countless number of Ridgewood residents buy and sell the type of prestigious, character-rich homes that are displayed in listings such as this one; and we've also been there to see many residents upgrade to the homes of their dreams.

The enduring draw of these sophisticated homes in some ways parallels the place of Tarvin Realtors in the Ridgewood community. Just as residents enjoy the quality and established

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As homeowners, we tend to accumulate a wealth of miscellaneous clutter over time, something which unsurprisingly lends our home a "lived-in" feel. We may think that at its cleanest and tidiest, our homes are at their most appealing and are buyer-ready. But strategic staging is a much more effective way to impress potential buyers; it gives our homes that extra polish and aesthetic charm that can only result from careful planning. Whether you choose to hire a professional home stager or you're using this as a DIY project — or you're preparing your home for a professional consultation — here are 5 tips that can help you get started.

Start Outside

The exterior of your home is what gives browsing buyers their first impression, and as such, it's one of

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Summer is almost here, and in Ridgewood that means long days with temperatures in the high 70s and plenty of sunshine. The last thing you want to do is spend those beautiful days crammed up indoors. But if you've let your lawn disintegrate into a mess of weeds and dry brush or your yard is simply too lackluster to spend any significant amount of time in, it's time to get on board with the cultivated outdoor living space trend. Don't be fooled — you don't need to have a sprawling courtyard, terrace, or expansive yard to create your own open-air oasis. All you need is a patch of land anywhere outside your home, and you can work wonders. Here are 5 tips to help you create the lush haven of your dreams, without heading for the beach or countryside.


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Combine & Contrast

You'll need to be tactical with this one, as going too far can result in clashing aesthetics. However, done right, combining heritage textures with modern ones can create a stunning effect. Blend classic finishes such as rich wood, soft leather, and brick with modern granite, chrome, and glass. Juxtapose seemingly contradictory elements; place sleek technology in a stately historic grand room, or a contemporary glass shower next to a stand-alone bathtub. That way, your home will never feel too dated or too trendy, and you'll end up with a sustainable look that will be stylish for generations.

Subtly Re-finish

When you look at your spectacular heritage home, you may not even want to touch its trimmings, baseboards, moldings, or

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These two listings from our archives showcase some of the Westside's stunning Colonial homes. Published in June 1990, this feature highlights Tarvin Realtors' status as the go-to source that Ridgewood locals turned to for all their real estate needs, with the tagline In Ridgewood it's Tarvin. Though only a 20 year old company in an already very established community, Tarvin Realtors was already thought of as the premier real estate company within Ridgewood. This was due to the highly customized, dedicated, and tailored service that the agency provided to members of the community and the trusted relationships we have built with them.

In the almost 26 years since these two listings were published, Tarvin Realtors' marketing has expanded significantly,

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