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In this week's edition of Tarvin Archives, we feature a listing from June 1989 of a classic Dutch Colonial home located on beautiful Fairmount Road. This stunning home is tucked into an alcove of leafy trees and greenery; this privacy is in part what sets Ridgewood homes apart. The listing is labeled with the tagline "might as well be new". This showcases exactly how the home combines all the elements of a traditional Dutch Colonial with the freshness and brightness of any contemporary home.

It's hard to believe this was posted over 27 years ago and that 1989 represents the 18 year mark from Tarvin's founding in 1971. Over these past 45 years, Tarvin Realtors has seen plenty of change, including being joined by new members of the family and

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Neighbors. They can drive us crazy or save the day. People tend to have a lot of mixed feelings about neighbors; the more we're able to afford, the further away we move from them. We roll our eyes at them when we hear the lawnmower at 7 AM on a Sunday, but we're always happy to ask them to keep an eye on the house while we're on vacation. Through the good and the bad, neighbors are an essential piece of the suburban living puzzle and like with anything else, we should make the most of their presence. They can become steadfast and lifelong friends, good babysitters, and assets to neighborhood safety. Creating strong relationships with neighbors can sometimes seem like a burden — you might rather cut that lawnside chat short on your way in the door after

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Home ownership and decor blogs talk a lot about the latest trends: must-have additions for 2016, the latest remodeling essentials, and how to keep up with some of the amazing innovations we've all seen in design magazines. That's all well and good, but after years of switching up interior aesthetics, many homeowners can become exhausted with the pace of change and the pressure to stay ahead of the game. For those homeowners, opting for a classic, eternally stylish elegance is a surefire way to ensure that you'll only have to switch up your interior one more time. If you're ready to embrace timeless design that will outlast the trends and remain classy and polished throughout the years, here are 4 tips to help you get started.

Choose A Neutral Palette

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If you're selling your Ridgewood home, you've probably heard your share of advice since you made the decision. From popping cookies in the oven to creating a personalized digital ad for your home, the options for innovative and unique approaches to selling are only increasing by the day. But before you get too creative and strategic with your selling ideas, go back to basics. Do you have all your essentials covered? Here's a quick list of things you should avoid when selling your home. Even if you have the most spectacular and trendiest marketing video on social media, if you do any of the following, you could set yourself back.


Take Your Own Photos

Are you a professional photographer? Are you a professional property photographer? No?

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This week's archive showcases a listing of a gorgeous Colonial estate located on a wooded lot. It dates from 1994 and features a little bit of insight into "what sets Tarvin apart". Providing service that's exceptional and "going the extra mile" have always been cornerstones of our business approach and this is exemplified in the write-up featured on this clipping.

What sets Tarvin apart today? Well, we continue to offer service that is shaped by our longstanding establishment within the community. In addition, our company has grown to include some of the best qualified real estate professionals in the region, all of whom are highly regarded and work around the clock to deliver memorable, tailored service to their valued clients — and continue the

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Hosting a garden party is one of the best ways to get to know your neighbors, show off your living space, and simply create unforgettable summer memories. However, actually getting around to hosting can seem like a lot of work — or a lot of pressure. Perhaps you're worried about prepping your home and outdoor space and you're not ready to take on that work. Maybe you're worried about all the cooking you'll have to do or the yardwork you've been putting off. Maybe even you've never thought your home would be suitable for a garden party — especially when you compare it to that perfect covered terrace with a gourmet kitchen and water feature that you saw on Pinterest. But what you may not realize is that hosting can actually be very simple, and you more than

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Whether you love to be outdoors year-round, or are only itching to get outside now that the sunshine has arrived, as a current Ridgewood resident — or a prospective one — you have plenty of pristine spots to choose from. This leafy region is practically bursting with sparkling lakes, rolling ancient mountains, and foliage-rich forests teeming with life. From beautifully landscaped spaces to ones that have barely been affected by human activity, the nature here is truly eclectic. Below we've outlined 5 spectacular locations near Ridgewood where you can immerse yourself in the geography of these gorgeous counties and spend a peaceful day or weekend surrounded by luxuriant vistas and fresh air.

Wawayanda State Park

Wawayanda State Park is known for its

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Smart homes are the next big thing in luxury living, and even mid-market homes are increasingly incorporating smart technology into their design and features. However, purchasing a smart home or investing in a smart tech system can be quite costly, and making the full switch over may not be feasible for most homeowners. That's why we've put together this handy list of smart-tech features that can be incorporated into any existing Ridgewood house so that you can get an idea of what's possible!

In The Kitchen

The kitchen is a hub for smart-technology implementation. Here, you can install features such as auto-starting coffee makers that begin brewing the moment you wake up. Appliances can notify you if they're left on and you can receive alerts if

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This Tarvin listing dates from July 10, 1987 and showcases a stunning yet comparatively simple single-family home located on Cambridge Road near beautiful Twinney Pond Park. This peaceful traditional house features timeless shutters, landscaping, and coach lamps. It's moments away from lush wooded areas, lending its surroundings a tranquil ambiance.

The posting was published in 1987, when Tarvin Realtors had been in operation for 16 years. Since then, the company has continued to grow extensively. What started out as a small but imaginative set-up has evolved into a large group of highly specialized agents who know the Ridgewood community through and through. Through all this, our applied business methodology has proven to work exceptionally, and this

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