January 2017

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We live our lives each day not expecting an emergency situation but hopefully being prepared in case something arises. When you really think about it, your home is probably fully stocked with safety measures that are tucked away in the back of your mind. With the start of a new year, it’s recommended to do a safety check of your home. This will make sure you are prepared for any type of emergency. Here are some important safety components you should check this month:

Inspect the Locks and Windows

Chances are, your windows have been shut all season so far. But have they been properly locked? It’s easy to forget to lock a window or leave a back door or patio door unlocked by accident. Take some time to go around your home and make sure all the

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Moving to a smaller community from a big town can seem like a severe adjustment at first. In the small, close-knit community of Ridgewood, NJ, we have many families and professionals from the city move in. Although the contrast between downtown Ridgewood and Manhattan can seem jarring at first, there are a few things you should consider when moving to a smaller community:

You Will Get More Space for Your Dollar

For many people living in the city, a studio or one-bedroom apartment is all they can afford. The cost of real estate in a major metropolitan area is astronomical compared to the property you could own in a smaller community. If space is something you crave, living in a small community is ideal. Homes in smaller communities are more

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The latest of the new technology for homes in 2017 is all about automation and making things smarter. This means incorporating new technology in ways we never thought possible. Think three steps ahead of robot vacuum cleaners. Here are some tips and tricks to get started creating your smart home:

Incorporate Automation Where you Can

Many new fixtures and faucets are now automated to make things easier and cleaner in the kitchen and bathroom. Simply slide your hand under the faucet to start the water and you’ll wonder how you ever managed with traditional faucets in the first place.

Other ways to incorporate smart technology into your home and take advantage of automated features is by installing a smart thermostat. These thermostats can be

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One of the biggest draws for families in Ridgewood is the schools, specifically, Ridgewood High School. Ranked at #25 on the U.S. News list of best high schools in New Jersey, this gold medal public school is the reason why many homeowners choose to settle in Ridgewood. As the only high school in the area, Ridgewood High School is a second home to countless young adults in the area, providing comprehensive education with strong values based on excellence and innovation.

It’s staggering 98% graduation rate and above-average test scores compared to the state are just a few of the reasons why Ridgewood High earned the #25 spot on the list. Nationally, Ridgewood High School ranks at #404 based on a series of factors including student performance,

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Maintaining that curb appeal through the winter can be challenging. Winter in the Northeast is typically dreary and dull, which leads to homes looking equally dreary and dull. If you’re trying to sell your home at this time of year, you may feel overwhelmed trying to figure out how to ensure your home leaves a stunning first impression with buyers.

There are several landscaping tips and tricks you can take advantage of this winter to make your Northeastern home shine during this cold and dreary season:

Invest in Perennials

During the winter, perennials lie dormant, resting until the spring when they flower and bloom again. But some perennials have beautiful foliage all year long. For example, the hellebore, or “winter rose” actually blooms in

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A huge trend for 2017 is minimalism. Between becoming more environmentally friendly, energy-efficient, and just letting go of unused and unwanted stuff, the minimalist life if definitely appealing for many homeowners. So how do you start paring and editing your home into a minimalist haven? Here are some of our top tips for creating a minimalist home in 2017:

Throw Away Anything that Does not Spark Joy

In The Life Changing Method of Tidying Up, Japanese professional organizer Marie Kondo suggests getting rid of anything in your home that does not spark joy. So what does that mean exactly? While typical organizing methods ask you to determine if the item is useful, the KonMari method instead wants you to keep things that make you happy. Take a

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Selling a home is a stressful experience, to begin with. When you add a time crunch, it can make things seem even more hectic. Here are a few professional tips on how to sell your home on short notice without experiencing as much stress and anxiety typically associated with selling:

Tip 1: Opt for Small Refreshers Rather than Large Renovations

When selling a home, you want to make sure the place looks as amazing as possible to capture buyers’ first impression. For many, this includes painting and remodeling. If you are selling on short notice, taking on a large construction project is simply not feasible, and if it’s obvious that renovations have recently taken place – the home reeks of new paint, for example – it will seem like you are trying

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Elegance and kid-friendly are often considered opposing ideas. When you think of a chic living space, there is often no room for toys or childproof furniture. However, interior design trends are now shifting to combine style and function for parents. Here are some of our top tips for making your living space elegant and kid-friendly at the same time:

Opt For Furniture that is Minimalist and Comfy

Your living room is where the family gathers to spend time together. The room should function for every member of your family. When it comes to choosing furniture for this room, opt for pieces that are sturdy, functional, and comfortable. Avoid couches with complicated flourishes, like wooden armrests or skits. These only present more opportunities for

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Once we deck the halls for the holidays, our homes seem to become transformed into cozy and magical Christmas spaces. String lights and garland, Christmas trees, and other hanging decorations provide traditional comfort and beauty during the holidays. So when the Christmas season is over and we start to remove these tidings, it’s easy to feel a little depressed at how bleak and sparse your home may look and feel.

As we wait for spring, there are a few things you can do to keep your home looking cheerful and fresh after the holidays:

Add Other Seasonal Décor

Even though Christmas may be over, you can still leave out some winter-inspired centerpieces or wall décor. These small touches don’t need to scream Christmas, but by keeping a couple key

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Thinking of selling your home this year? You may have a few home remodeling projects to check off your list before you start considering selling. Many homeowners choose to remodel prior to selling in order to increase the value of their home and get more from the sale, however, in many cases, the resale value of the remodeling project is simply not worth the cost and trouble of doing the renovation before selling.

Before calling a contractor and starting a new renovation, take a look at the following cost vs. resale information so you can get the best value for your buck. You may be surprised to find your planned remodeling project isn’t the best way to spend your money:

Installing Attic Insulation

This minor project costs about $1,268

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