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Spring home maintenance tips for your Ridgewood NJ home

Spring may seem like a long way off, but trust us when we say it will sneak up on you! Before you know it, the days will seem much longer and you’ll be ready to start with your spring-cleaning and spring maintenance routine.

These tips and tricks are a great way for homeowners to prepare for summer and also for sellers to prepare their homes for the busy spring and summer market:

Inspect the Gutters

One of the most dangerous parts about winter is the fact that winter damage can often go unnoticed until a real problem occurs. Inspecting your gutters for damage such as cracks or weak spots will help prevent major issues when the snow melts and during spring showers.

Clean Your Air Filters

After a long winter of running your heater or

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How to make your Ridgewood, NJ home more eco friendly

Making your home more eco-friendly has more benefits than you think. In addition to reducing your carbon footprint, you are also able to save money on your energy bills. Here are some tips and tricks to make your home more eco-friendly and efficient:

Switch to LED Light Bulbs

One of the easiest ways to save money and become more eco-friendly is switching from incandescent to LED lights. Incandescent lights are known to use more energy to light your home, however, most of that energy is wasted by creating heat. LED lights are more efficient, last longer, and are typically cool to the touch.

Use Cold Water for Your Laundry

Washing your clothes in hot water all the time will put additional strain on your water heater and end up causing your

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Home décor trends go in and out over the years, but the classic rustic style seems to always come back. Rustic style is defined by features that are rugged and inspired by nature. Homes with emphasis on these rugged and rustic features are comfortable, cozy, and welcoming.

Here are some tips and tricks to make your home look more rustic and take advantage of the unpretentious effortlessness of rustic style:

Create Warmth with Exposed Beams and Wood Furniture

Beautiful grand room with wood beam ceilingsRustic style prominently features warm, earthy tones. With exposed wood beams and large, functional wood furniture, your room will be instantly transformed with farmhouse chic features. Large cheerful wooden kitchen tables, kitchen islands, coffee tables, and more provide a beautiful

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With a 90 year history, The Ridgewood Country Club is a golf course and country club steeped in rich history. The sprawling 27-hole golf course is the perfect spot for Ridgewood, and the surrounding area, residents to unwind and enjoy a challenging round of golf. With its stunning Norman Revival clubhouse at the center of the course, The Ridgewood Country Club is a sophisticated traditional pillar in the community.

The Course

The course itself is a sprawling 27-hole masterpiece consisting of three nine-hole loops that all begin and end at the clubhouse. Impeccably landscaped with flawless terrain and challenging holes, the Ridgewood course was painstakingly designed by A.W. Tillinghast, one of the most famous golf course architects of the early

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Owning a one-of-a-kind property is certainly alluring in the face of the current popular cookie cutter homes on the market. These charming historic homes offer numerous benefits and features that many homebuyers will fall in love with right away. However, there are a few things you should consider before purchasing a historic home. Here are some of the most significant things to think about:

Does it Need Any Repairs?

Unlike modern properties or new build homes, historic homes often require some work before they are truly livable. Whether it’s roofing, repiping, or any other major renovation or construction project, you will want to consider these costs before sealing the deal. Get a quote from a contractor on how much it will cost for the

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If you’re fortunate enough to share your home with a fluffy companion, you understand the importance of keeping a pet-friendly home. Our pets are part of the family, making sure they are safe and comfortable is just as important as protecting our belonging from potential damage sustained from animal activity. Here are several ways to make your home pet-friendly:

Give Your Pet a Space of Their Own

Many animals will explore your home, looking for interesting places to sleep or play. In many cases, small, dangerous spots are appealing to animals, such as the dryer or washing machine, behind the fridge, and other hazardous places. By setting up a space for your pet that includes a nice bed, toys, and play area, the animal will most likely avoid the

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NJ.com just released some data that confirms something we knew all along. Several prominent Bergen County communities have been named some of the “Brainiest Towns” in New Jersey. We may be a little biased in thinking that Bergen County is the best of the best, but seeing this data only confirms that citizens in Bergen County are some of the most highly educated people in New Jersey.

Where Did the Data Come From?

Looking at the American Community Survey Census Data from 2011-2015, NJ Advanced Media explored how many New Jersey residents over 25 years of age had Bachelor’s degrees. It wasn’t surprising to see numerous Bergen County communities on the list of towns with high percentages of college graduates. As one of the more affluent counties in

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We’ve all seen or heard advertisements praising the idea of working as your own real estate agent. Selling a home as the owner may have some pretty interesting benefits, however, they will never come close to the significant advantages that come with working with a professional real estate agent.

Here are some reasons why you should work with a realtor when selling your home:

Hiring Someone with Experience Actually Saves Time and Money

Chances are, you probably don’t know all the ins and outs of the real estate industry. Selling your home on the DIY could take you much longer due to the fact that you will need to read, research, and try to educate yourself on the process. In this case, time is money and many homeowners simply don’t have the

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