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Buying your first home is an exciting process. You'll have the power to renovate, paint, and modify the property in any way you see fit and truly make it your own. A house can also be a valuable monetary investment if the real estate market in the area continues to climb over time.

However, as a first-time homebuyer, it's rarely possible to pay the entire value of the house upfront, which means you'll likely need a mortgage to help you account for the remainder of the balance. Seeking approval for a mortgage before you start browsing homes is one of the best things you can do to make your home buying experience simple.

Here are a few reasons mortgage preapproval will help you:

  1. You'll have an accurate sense of how much money a lender would
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Whether you're looking to find ways to make your home more appealing to buyers, or you simply have a passion for landscaping, you might be wondering which yard improvements will increase the value of your home. A study conducted by Clemson University found an above average yard can increase a home's value by as much as 7%. Landscape economist John Harris says the number may even be as high as 28%.

So, if you're thinking it's time to pick up your trowel and dig in, where is the best place to start?


Your front yard is your first opportunity to make an impression with prospective home buyers. When buyers pull up beside the curb and park their car in front of your Ridgewood home, you want to wow them, and that's one spot in which flower

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Traditionally, spring and summer are considered one of the best times of year to sell a home. There are many reasons why spring is ideal for selling, whether it’s taking advantage of growing families, buyers finally getting over the holidays, or simply due to the fact that the weather is nicer and more people are encouraged to go outside. One thing is for sure, as the temperature rises, the real estate market also starts to heat up.

Here are the top 5 reasons to sell your home in the spring:

1. There are More Buyers in the Market

While the winter market is beneficial for buyers, many real estate agents actually feel that the growing competition in spring is better for seller. One of the reasons for this is the fact that your listing will

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As an interesting, dynamic, and historical county, even lifelong Bergen residents can learn more about the area. Whether you’ve lived here your entire life, you just moved to the area, or you are thinking about relocated to Bergen County, here are some fun facts you may not yet know about us!

One of the First Counties

Along with Essex, Middlesex, and Monmouth, Bergen is one of the four original counties in New Jersey. These counties were created in 1675 when East Jersey was split.

The Origin of the Name

Although many people often debate this fact, it’s becoming more widely accepted that the name Bergen is derived from the Dutch settlers that landed here. The word is close to the Dutch word for “place of safety” or “hill,” which makes sense

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A growing trend with homeowners these days is taking a staycation over traveling abroad or going down south. It’s amazing the things you can discover about your community when you take the time to act like a tourist in your own city. If a vacation isn’t in the books for you this year, try these amazing staycation activities in Ridgewood, NJ, instead and gain a new appreciation for the area:

Take in a Relaxing Round of Golf

Ridgewood and the surrounding area are home to some of the most stunning golf courses in the country. In addition to the breathtaking Ridgewood Country Club, nearby courses include Orchard Hills County Golf Course, Paramus Golf Course, High Mountain Golf Club, and more.

Expand Your Palette

The Ridgewood foodie scene is

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For many homeowners, the guest room can seem like an afterthought. It’s a room with a bed and some storage where guests can sleep if they are staying over for the night. However, there are a few simple things you can do that will take the guest room concept to the next level and create a guest suite that will make your friends and family feel welcome and loved:

Don’t Skimp on the Bed Dressings

Your guest suite should not consist of cast-off sheets and duvets. Make sure the beds are dressed with good quality high thread count sheets and comforters. This will make a huge difference in your guest suite and ensure that anyone sleeping over will get an excellent night’s sleep on a plush and comfortable bed.

Stock it With Books and Magazines

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When the time comes to retire, many Ridgewood, NJ residents pack up their homes and head down to a warmer climate. Retiring in the Sunbelt is a popular choice, but there is something to be said about staying in your hometown and enjoying the peace of retirement in a familiar and comfortable surrounding.

Read the following reasons to retire in your hometown rather than a beach town:

Avoid Incurring Additional Debt

If you are at retiring age, chances are, your mortgage is already paid off or it is very close to being paid off. With rising housing prices, many homeowners are better off staying in their hometown where they get the best value for their homes. Additionally, at this point in your life, applying for a new mortgage and getting further

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Choosing the right neighborhood can seem like a daunting task. Do you pick a location based on the commute? Do you choose a neighborhood based on curb value alone? If you’re planning on having kids, there are numerous other things you should consider about the neighborhood you’re looking at before buying a house.

Here are a few things you should look for in a neighborhood if you’re planning on having kids:

School Districts

This is an obvious one. Choosing a neighborhood that has good schools is the best way to ensure your child’s growth and success. However, choosing a neighborhood based on the school should be a little more work than simply typing the address into Google and finding out if there are schools nearby. Research the institutions

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So you’ve decided to buy your first home. This is an exciting period in your life that you should enjoy. Home ownership is something that everyone strives for and making the decision to jump into the real estate market can feel overwhelming and exhilarating at the same time. However, buying a home is not always exactly what we expect. There are many things that first-time homebuyers should know before investing their hard-earned money into a property.

Here are several things that first-time homebuyers should know and avoid before buying:

Know What You Can Afford

There is a slight disconnect between the loan amount approved by the bank and the realistic mortgage amount you can afford in real life. In many cases, banks estimate loans on the

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Planning a home renovation in the near future? As homeowners, we’re conditioned to believe that all upgrades and renovations add value to our home. Some homeowners take this very seriously, changing and renovating each part of their home until everything is changed and they are left with a completely different property.

In many cases, upgrading your house is a good idea. However, there are a few renovations that you should skip altogether if your main concern is adding value. Here are several renovations that won’t add value to your home:

Swimming Pools

While some people may look at a swimming pool as the ultimate luxury feature, a growing number of homeowners see pools as a safety hazard. Buyers with small children are especially worried

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