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Market Your Ridgewood Home For Sale With Tarvin 

Once upon a time, selling your home was as simple as staking your front lawn with a "For Sale" sign and putting an ad in the paper, but today, the world of real estate is more complicated than ever. That's why marketing your Ridgewood home for sale with Tarvin REALTORS® is beneficial. As experts on local real estate trends, this experienced team can help you price and market your home for success. A well-priced, well-marketed home will sell more quickly than others on the market and will often garner competing bids that ultimately drive the home sale price upwards.

Why Is Marketing Important?

The highest number of showings take place in the first two weeks a home is on the market. As a general rule, buyers are attracted to fresh listings that

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To some home buyers, architecture matters. They browse Ridgewood real estate listings by which ones date back to the 1910s or which houses boast the pinstripes characteristic of Tudor Revival homes. Unlike other segments of the country where the settling of towns, states, and regions is part of recent history, New Jersey dates back to some of America's earliest days. As such, buyers with an interest in architecture will find that there is no shortage of impressive historic houses to choose from. Whether you're searching for a Colonial home, a stylish Georgian abode, or a Queen Anne estate, the Ridgewood real estate market has something to offer you.

Continue reading to learn more about the top four most popular building styles on the Ridgewood real

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There are many reasons to consider leaving the big city and heading out of town towards a place where the streets are quieter and neighbors know each other by name. If you moved to the big city to experience the rush of a thriving business sector and the vibrant night life, but you're finding the rush of constant traffic and the sound a million others living their lives has lost its appeal, consider Ridgewood. Maybe you moved to city for an incredible job opportunity, but the cost of living is high and your apartment feels smaller every day. Perhaps you've lived in the city your whole life and it's time for a change. Whatever your reason for considering leaving the Big Apple, here are some perks of living in Ridgewood.

Increase Your Quality Of

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The process of moving can be daunting, and that's why you want your home to sell quickly and for maximum dollar, and that's why it's critical that home sellers partner with an experienced real estate agent that knows the Ridgewood real estate market. Tarvin REALTORS® have been experts on the area for more than four decades and can ensure that your home sale goes smoothly.

When it comes time for you to sell your Ridgewood home, this is how Tarvin REALTORS® can help you sell.

Local Expertise

Real estate values vary from neighbourhood to neighbourhood. While some communities are locally known for their high real estate values and luxury houses, others are known for being ideal family residences. When it comes to time to sell your home, you want

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When you think about a luxury home, what comes to mind is often more than just a well-appointed home. You picture a home with amenities that allow you to feel lavished upon. You think extravagance, think opulence. The word "luxury" evokes a variety of conveniences and amenities, such as tennis courts, pools, saunas, lavish entertaining areas, and top-of-the-line details throughout the home.

If you're in the market for luxury real estate, here are the top five features you should look for in your next luxury home:

Look For A Home With Character

When you're looking for a luxury home, you're looking for 'WOW' factor. When you step into the entryway of a home, it should leave you breathless as you gaze upon exquisite details.This feeling should

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