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Ridgewood is well known for the exceptional strength of its public school system. Consisting of six elementary schools, two middle schools, and one high school, this school district offers its students the best in education, recreation, and extra-curricular activities. One of the key core values of educators in this school district is rigor. In the video below, one of the teachers interviewed outlines how rigor doesn't necessarily mean more time spent working on homework, it means a higher level of engagement. In order to capture the full attention of the students who attend this school, Ridgewood staff has incorporated new technologies into the classroom. These range from chromebooks, to iPads, to smart boards, and more. These devices are ones that

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The small town community of Ridgewood provides buyers with some of the best luxury real estate within commuting distance to New York. These historic homes mixed with brand new luxury estates provide residents with additional pride of ownership in the beautiful county of Bergen. Our hardworking independent brokerage works around the clock to deliver excellent service for all our valued clients. In addition, based on statistics from January to May 2017, Tarvin Realtors have almost double the sales when compared to other real estate branches in the Ridgewood area.

We know that not everyone can afford the magnificent properties available in our community, and finding buyers for our clients is a top priority! We are a trusted name in Ridgewood real

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As the temperatures begin to climb and daylight extends through the early evening, many residents of Ridgewood find themselves invigorated by the scent of summer and eager to dive into a summer project. One of the best summer projects homeowners can undertake is home renovations. With longer days and milder weather, summer is one of the best seasons to start renovations.

Whether your Ridgewood house is a historic beauty that would benefit from a series of modern updates to help it step into the present era with its many comforts and fine finishes, or your house already reflects recent construction and you're hoping to revitalize a special room in the house, consider these four summer home renovations if you own a home in Ridgewood.


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Since it first began in 1958, every summer Ridgewood has hosted a medley of musical ensembles that offer free performances on Tuesday and Thursday evening. Beginning at 8:30pm, the bandstand on Veterans Field located behind the Ridgewood Public Library comes to life. Everything from jazz, to rock n' roll, to country, to classic rolls off of the stage as the sun starts to set.

If you're looking for a fun way to spend a weeknight in Ridgewood, pack your lawn chairs or a picnic blanket into the car and take a drive to Verterans Field where you can curl up and enjoy a free musical show. The event spans from June 1st through August 3rd. In July and August, here is who you can expect to see:

July 6th
Capt. Jack - The Ultimate Billy Joel Tribute Band

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The community of Ridgewood prides itself on offering its children the finest academic facilities and a wealth of recreation opportunities. With school winding down for the year, it's time for Ridgewood's many summer camps to come alive again. Back, and better than ever, you'll find a sampling of some of Ridgewood summer camps below. For more information about registration deadlines, calendars, and specific information, visit the Ridgewood Department of Parks and Recreation's website.

Multi Sports Summer Sports Camp

Ages 5 - 12 | $ 185 - $205

If your child loves sports, this summer sports camp is a great opportunity for your child to delight in a variety of outdoor sports. Campers try fifteen sports in one week. They play both scrimmages and

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With more than a dozen restaurants in Ridgewood to choose from, how do you possibly decide where you should fill your stomach? With dinner possibilities ranging from Neapolitan pizza to Japanese cuisine, restaurants in Ridgewood provide a healthy diversity of menus to choose from. As much as we'd love to feature every single one of the excellent dining options in Ridgewood, we've chosen the top 3 restaurants as rated by the people who have dined there.

S. Egidio Pizze

Open Since: 2014

Location: 17 N Broad St, Ridgewood, NJ 07450, USA


  • Facebook: 4.8/5 Stars
  • Google: 4.9/5 Stars
  • Yelp: 4/5 Stars

"An amazing dining experience! The finest ingredients are used to make each selection taste

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We've probably all had the dream. The dream of looking out of the kitchen window onto the garden and just beyond that the glistening sparkle of the water's edge. In the evening, you'd go for a quick dip in the lake as you watch the sun tie-dye the sky orange and pink pastels. It's a beautiful dream, but it's not always a simple dream to pursue, and you'll want the assistance of a trained real estate professional along the way. To save you from being caught short, here are our top three questions that you should ask yourself before buying a lakefront property in Bergen County.

Why do you want to live in a lakefront property in Bergen County?

There are many reasons to want to live in a lakefront property in Bergen County. For some buyers, it's

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