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Outbuildings - Sell a Home - Tarvin Realtors

As people stayed home last year due to the pandemic, families found themselves using their outdoor areas more than ever. During the warm months families were cooking out and dining outdoors, upgrading a patio space into an outdoor kitchen with all the conveniences, or just adding some extra outdoor furniture for social distancing and sharing drinks with friends and family. 

But over the winter, you may have started thinking about adding extra buildings on your property. Maybe it's gotten a little too crowded in the house with so many people home and one or more of you feel the need for a little place a bit removed from the main house. Or, you're thinking about a space you could use during the colder months.

Before you decide on an outbuilding, think about when you want to list your house among Ridgewood homes for sale. Which outbuilding will help sell your home? Let's consider whether the structures described below will enhance your property's value.

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Historic Homes - Buy a House - Tarvin Realtors

Historic homes have a certain charm to them, don't they? Like these Ridgewood homes for sale, vintage homes represent the best of architectural style, be it Victorian, Queen Anne, or Gothic Renewal.

The allure of older homes is undeniable. But you need to get it right. Otherwise, you might end up with a money pit in need of endless repairs.

If you're in love with a historic home, here's a little guide detailing everything you need to know before buying an old house.

  1. Get an Inspection (or Two)
    Things can get expensive fast. A home inspection is a fundamental part of any home-buying process. But the stakes are even higher with an old house, and a basic inspection may not be enough.

    Sadly, some homes are beyond salvageable and would require more rehabilitation than they're worth. Finding an inspector who specializes in historic homes could give you the reassurance you need.

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Choosing Mulch - Homeownership - Tarvin Realtors

Ah, mulch. If some kind of wonder material in the landscape exists, it's mulch – that course jumble of ground-up stuff that not only gives your yard a finished look but also helps it prosper season after season. Looking to make your dream home from Ridgewood homes for sale a standout? Our agents recommend mulch as the finishing touch.

But not all mulch is equal. If you're wondering how to choose the right kind of mulch, here's some advice.

Mulch Basics

There are two types of mulch: organic and inorganic. Organic mulches are made of natural materials such as leaves, grass clippings, compost mix, cardboard and newspaper, bark, and softwood and hardwood chips – all of which decompose. When layered on top of the bedding areas, they break down and boost soil fertility, as well as provide drainage and aeration. They must be replenished regularly.

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Bike Trails Around Ridgewood, NJ - Tarvin Realtors

Whether you ride solo or with your family, cycling is a great activity suitable for any level of fitness. Our real estate agents love it because they can ride at their own pace and get a healthy dose of fresh air and sunshine, especially at the Bergen County park system and these other top trails around Ridgewood.

  • Saddle River County Park - 658 County Rte. S79, Glen Rock, NJ 07452
    The name of Saddle River County Park, just minutes from Glen Rock homes for sale, is a bit misleading. It's actually a group of five parks spread out over 577 acres along the Saddle River. No motor vehicles are allowed on the six-mile bicycle and pedestrian trail connecting the areas. Enjoy views of scenic highlights such as Historic Easton Tower as well as a picturesque waterfall and three ponds, including popular Glen Rock Duck Pond. The park is open from 10 a.m. until 30 minutes after sunset, seven days a week.

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