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Listing Photo Staging - Tarvin Realtors

As the world becomes more dependent on internet shopping than ever before, our agents will tell you that the real estate market is no exception. In order to compete with other Ridgewood homes for sale, you'll want to show it at its best in an array of listing photographs. But as you've heard, photos don't lie. Even the best photographer needs good staging to create the perfect portfolio. Here are a few tips to help:

  • Kitchen
    Every cook wants a spacious kitchen with plenty of counter space. You can make your counters appear larger by eliminating everything that sits on them. It's time to put away the air fryer, the toaster, the espresso machine, and all the other small appliances you have collected over the years. When all the surfaces have been cleared, clean the entire room until it sparkles. Polish stainless steel and cabinet hardware to a bright gleam. Remove all personal items such as children's art on the refrigerator door or Grandma's cookie jar. Throw open the curtains and let the natural light shine in. Make sure that the view to the outside reflects a similar orderly environment without exterior clutter.

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