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Host a Garage Sale - Sellers - Tarvin Realtors

If you've been in your home for a long time, chances are you have a garage or attic full of boxes you have stored for future needs. But, after not opening them for five years, they suddenly seem more of a burden than a treasure. If the time has come to add your house to the list of Ridgewood homes for sale, it's also time to shed that burden. One of the best ways to do that is to host a garage sale. Our agents have some suggestions to help maximize your profits while minimizing the hassle.

  • Investigate regulations and restrictions
    The first question to ask is whether your HOA has any special rules regarding garage sales. If you aren't allowed to conduct a sale on your own property, is there a clubhouse or other option that you can use as an alternative? Check for any restrictions on signs, whether by the HOA or the city. Does your community require that you purchase a permit? Take the time to make a few phone calls to make sure you are within compliance.

  • Advertise widely
    Make good use of all the free advertising available, from social media to Craigslist, and public bulletin boards at grocery stores, work, or school. If your community allows it, post fliers and signs around the neighborhood, including the dates and times of the sale. Make sure the address is easy to read from the street so buyers can find the site of the sale.

  • Secure your pets
    Unusual activity can be very frightening to your animals, making them more inclined to run away or become exceptionally protective of your property. Potential customers may be afraid of your pets or have allergies that make them uncomfortable being in close proximity. Maintain everyone's comfort by keeping your pets safely inside or in the back yard.

  • Price items for sale
    Shoppers come to yard sales looking for bargains. Don't expect them to pay top dollar for used items, even if they are in excellent condition. Clearly label each item to make the process easy for you, as well as the customer. Keep like items together so they can be easily found. Make it easy to sell multiples, such as books for two dollars each or three for five. Be willing to negotiate prices. Keep prices in even dollars so that no one has to worry about change. If items are less then a dollar, then sell them in groups or sets. Make sure you have plenty of change in your cashbox so that people don't have to leave and come back later. Chances are, they won't make the return trip.

  • Make it festive
    By partnering with neighbors who also have items to sell, your inventory is much greater, attracting more buyers. You have the added benefit of covering for each other to take breaks. A plate of cookies and a cooler of iced tea goes a long way toward welcoming customers, especially on hot summer days. When the air is filled with laughter and even music, people feel more welcome to stop and see what you have to sell and are more likely to browse until they find a treasure to take home. 

When you've sold all you're going to sell and boxed up everything left over to go to charity, you will be one step closer to getting your house on the market. Contact us for more tips to ready your house for sale and prepare for your new home.