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Home Emergencies - Tarvin Realtors

No matter how much care you show your property, emergencies are bound to happen. For people looking into Ridgewood homes for sale, it's equally important to prepare for household mishaps after settling in. Below are six common crises with their responses.

  1. Power Failure
    Many power outages are caused by extreme weather, and the only thing to do is wait them out. Most importantly, stock flashlights and batteries on every floor of the home and let every household member know the location of these supplies. Flashlights are much safer than candles as the latter can start a house fire.

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Order a Margarita Around Ridgewood, NJ - Tarvin Realtors

The margarita was invented in Mexico in the 1930s, and since then, it has become ever more popular in the U.S. and beyond. Now, there's even a holiday to celebrate this tasty drink: National Margarita Day! It's coming up on February 22. The best part is that all you have to celebrate is sit down, relax, and enjoy a margarita. So, we recommend you take a short break from looking at Ridgewood homes for sale and stop by one of these restaurants.

  • Sangria: 1033 MacArthur Blvd., Mahwah, NJ 07430
    The restaurant might be named Sangria, but they make delicious margaritas, too. This is a convenient place to stop if you're looking at Mahwah homes for sale. They're open daily for dinner, and their menu includes a delightful selection of Spanish favorites, including albondigas, tostones, and paella. The bartenders at Sangria make a delicious margarita, served in a tall glass with a slice of lime. They also have a great selection of Spanish beers and wines, along with sangria and sangria cocktails.

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Family Baking Fun in February - Tarvin Realtors

The way families spend their leisure time has changed dramatically in the last few years. Instead of piling into the car to drive to an adventure, many families are focusing on activities at home. Our agents have noticed trends that are pulling families away from the TV set and into the kitchen, offering several benefits. February is National Bake for Family Fun Month and the perfect time for the whole family to gather in the kitchen for some baking fun. 

  • Bolster Education
    Reinforce math and reading skills by having younger children follow recipes while helping in the kitchen. Recipes can be halved or doubled, measurements are in partial cups or tablespoons, and recipes can be read aloud. Do you have teenagers that claim they already know how to read? Hand them Grandma's favorite cookie recipe written in cursive on a 3-by-5 card and see how well they can manage!

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Castles Around Bergen County, NJ - Tarvin Realtors

Did you know that we have many gorgeous historical castles right here in New Jersey? Bergen County is home to several architectural marvels, each more impressive than the last. Let's take a closer look at five local castles that have caught our agents' eyes during our time serving clients in this area.  

  • Kip's Castle - 22 Crestmont Rd., Montclair, NJ, 07042 
    Kip's Castle (formerly known as Kypsburg) is a stunning recreation of a medieval Norman castle right here in Jersey. It was built from 1902 to 1905 by Frederic Ellsworth Kip, a renowned industrialist in the textile industry. Both the building and grounds were designed by Kip's wife, Charlotte Bishop Williams Kip. Her favorite feature was the octagonal rose garden, a paradise she lovingly tended to each day.

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