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Homebuying Big Picture - Tarvin Realtors

Buying a home isn't as simple as looking at an advertisement, making a call, and writing a check. There are many steps and phases involved in the process, and preparing yourself ahead of time will make the process a little easier, less intimidating, and more efficient. Our agents are always ready to help you when you're ready to buy a home in Bergen County, NJ, and the following are some things our team can help you plan for, expect, and prepare for as the process moves forward.

  • Do a Financial, Practical, and Emotional Inventory
    How are your finances? How does your credit score look? Do you have all the paperwork needed to secure the mortgage with the lender? Are you planning to retire in the home, move on in a few years as your career advances, or raise your family in the area? Answering these and many other questions is crucial for helping you decide whether to buy a home, as well as determining what type of home to buy, what kind of mortgage terms you can secure, and how much you can comfortably afford.

  • Put Pen to Paper and Add It Up
    Buying a home isn't just paying the mortgage, property taxes, and HOA fees. You also need to factor in utilities, maintenance, commuting costs, and overall cost of living in the area. The more comprehensive your calculation, the more accurate your estimate for how much home you can afford without breaking your budget.

  • Create a "Needs and Wants" List
    You need a home office, and you may want a jacuzzi. You need a kitchen, but you may want a large backyard. You need good schools for your children but want to be close to recreational activities. Always remember that needs and wants are very different, and it's important to put your needs above your wants. That doesn't mean you should exclude your wants; after all, you want to be comfortable in your new home. It simply means you need to prioritize the things you need to have and consider what you want to have as a bonus when you find the right home.

  • Be Ready to Research
    90% of buying a home is research. You need to research what types of loans are available and what you need to qualify for each option. You need to research possible lenders and get pre-qualified, examine the overall real estate market, the various neighborhoods, and more. When considering Ridgewood homes for sale, your real estate agent will help you with this research to buy the best home for your family and finances. 

  • The Easy (and Fun!) Part
    The easy part is visiting homes, examining properties, and making an offer. It's also the fun part because it allows you to see a wide range of options and possibilities for everything from types of lifestyles to home decor. Once you settle on the ideal home, your agent will make an offer, and if it's accepted, the last part begins.

  • Buying the Home
    The last part is the nitty-gritty of the process. At the final stage, you'll secure the financing, have the home appraised, negotiate repairs and credits with the seller, secure homeowners insurance, and complete the closing process.     

And it all starts when you contact us to start the process. We guide you through these phases so you're always prepared for the next step before you finish the last.