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Fire Prevention Tips - Homeowners - Tarvin Realtors

Fire hazards are plentiful in modern homes, and knowing how to prevent fires is a skill every homeowner should master. It's National Fire Prevention Month, and this is an excellent opportunity to examine the hazards around your home and to take steps to mitigate the risk of a fire burning down everything you have worked so hard to build. The following are some tips our agents recommend for enhancing your safety and protecting your home.

  • Clear out the clutter. Old rags, newspapers, cleaning chemicals, and solvents can ignite and fuel a fire. Keeping your closets, garage, basement, etc. clean and clutter-free can help starve a fire of the fuel it needs to grow. As a bonus, it will also make your home feel more spacious and comfortable.
  • Change the batteries in the fire alarm. Even if they're not "beeping," you should change the batteries in your fire alarms every year and test them to confirm proper operation.
  • Conduct fire drills. Make sure everyone in the home knows how to escape from every room in the home quickly. Performing regular drills and ensuring that children know how to operate door/window latches, escape ladders, etc., is essential for your family's safety.
  • Install fire extinguishers. Ensure you have ABC fire extinguishers in the kitchen, laundry, furnace, and garage. These are the rooms where most residential fires begin, which can help snuff them out before they spread.
  • Test and recharge fire extinguishers. Most fire departments offer free or low-cost testing and recharging as a municipal service. You should inspect your extinguisher annually and recharge or replace it based on the expiration date.
  • Install fire sprinklers. These systems have become considerably more affordable and easier to install. Fire sprinklers can slow the spread of fire until first responders arrive. They will also help reduce your monthly homeowner's insurance premiums. 
  • Keep interior doors closed. A closed door helps prevent the spread of fire, giving your family more time to escape. 
  • Maintain appliances (and clean dryer vents!) Malfunctioning appliances and clogged dryer vents cause many fires each year. Staying on top of HVAC maintenance, replacing worn-out appliances, and repairing damaged systems can significantly reduce the possibility of a fire. Similarly, make sure that you are not overloading any of your outlets.
  • Stay current on electrical inspections. Electrical problems are a leading cause of residential fires. Hiring a certified electrician to inspect your wiring, outlets, and electrical control panels every five to 10 years can help reduce the risk of loose wires, sparks, and shorts that can ignite a blaze. When you buy any Ridgewood homes for sale, we strongly advise conducting a thorough electrical inspection.
  • Don't mess with gas. If you're planning a DIY home repair, renovation, remodel, etc., never mess with the gas lines! Always hire a certified plumber to do any maintenance, repairs, or replacements related to gas lines.   
  • Clean the hoods. Stay on top of cleaning the hood over the stove, and be careful when frying foods on the stove or countertop.
  • Snuff the candles. Candles can be nice on certain occasions, but they are responsible for causing nearly 10% of all residential fires. If you must use candles, never leave them unattended, and always make sure they're located far away from combustible materials.

We'd love to help you stay safe in your new home. Contact us for more information about the many steps we recommend homeowners take to protect their homes from fires, floods, thefts, pests, and other hazards.