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House Styles to Consider - Buy a Home - Tarvin Realtors

When it comes to home styles, there are plenty of options to choose from. From Cape Cod to ranch, you will find homes in every size, shape, and design you may desire in Ridgewood, NJ. Our agents have seen and sold them all, and it is our pleasure to help you find the one that fits your budget and desired lifestyle best!

  • Craftsman Homes
    Before there was Amazon, there was Sears, and in the early part of the 20th century, prospective homeowners could simply order their home and build it themselves. Craftsman homes are simple and utilitarian, but because they are well-designed and often filled with details, they have a unique charm that makes them comfortable and visually appealing.

  • Cape Cod
    Cape Cod homes are recognizable via their rectangular shape, gabled roofs, and shingle siding. The first floor usually features the living room, dining room, kitchen, and bathroom, while living areas are located on the second floor. 

  • Colonial 
    Colonial homes are plentiful throughout New Jersey and remain a popular style for many homebuilders in the area. Colonial houses usually feature a symmetrical floor plan bisected with a central hallway. Most feature a welcoming entryway, and almost all have one or two fireplaces to gather around with friends and family. 

  • Cottage
    Why head off for the Cotswolds when you can live in your own cottage in New Jersey? Cottage-style homes are small, cozy, and designed to maximize functional living space. They are ideal for young couples, retirees, and those who spend time outside on the deck or relaxing in the garden with family and friends.

  • Contemporary
    Contemporary homes tend to be square or rectangular, and most are custom-built using a carefully balanced blend of concrete, steel, wood, and metal to match the specific design tastes of the homeowner. Most contemporary homes feature open floor plans and windows to maximize the views and the amount of natural light flowing into the home. 

  • Ranch
    Ranch-style homes are single-story homes, many of which feature large, open basements. Designed as an affordable home, ranches are well laid out and maximize the use of space within the home. Most will feature 2-3 bathrooms, a decent-sized kitchen, comfortable dining room, and often both a living room and family room. And, because most ranch homeowners finish the basements, you will find everything from home theaters, craft rooms, home offices, and guest suites within these properties.

  • Storybook
    Many Ridgewood homes for sale look as if they jumped out of the pages of a classic novel. These Storybook homes are heavily influenced by European castles and feature stone facades, slate or shingled roofs, arches, parapets, and other architectural highlights that add to the charm and mystique of the property. Elegance and sophistication are the hallmarks of these homes, and you'll find each one to be a unique and custom-designed treasure waiting for you to discover. 

  • Tudor
    Also harkening back to European design influences, Tudor homes feature multiple pitches and brick or stone facades interspersed with faux exposed timber frame construction. Tudor homes are well built, and many feature beautiful woodwork and fine details installed by expert craftsmen. 

Unsure which style is best for your new home in Ridgewood, NJ? Contact us, and we will be happy to help you find the best style for your budget, family, desired comfort, and lifestyle you want to enjoy.