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Unexpected Places to Update With Paint - Tarvin Realtors

Are you looking for ways to boost design appeal in your home? You may be surprised to learn that painting unexpected places can quickly give your home that wow factor it's been missing. Our agents have some great tips to make your house stand out in today's real estate market.

Whether you're planning to sell your home or just looking for ways to spruce it up, you can make a lot of positive changes with paint that won't break the bank. Take a look at creative ways to add charm, character, color, and style with a fresh coat of paint.

  • Wood and Wicker Furniture
    If you're like most homeowners, you likely have an old piece of furniture somewhere in the house that you've considered tossing. Perhaps it's an old wooden dresser or a wicker table that's lost its appeal. Maybe it's a bookcase that's very useful, just not very pretty. With a fresh coat of paint, you can turn your old, drab wood and wicker furniture into exciting design elements in your home.

  • Vintage Appliances
    Do you have an old vintage stove or refrigerator that you just can't part with? Why not update the look and keep the vintage charm with a new coat of paint? Take your old stove or refrigerator and send it to an auto-body paint shop for a coat of high-gloss paint in lemon yellow, bold orange, turquoise, or navy blue. This is not a DIY project, but it won't cost you much money.

  • Doors and Gates
    Many Ridgewood homes for sale have large properties with big front porches and gated yards. Whether the architectural style is traditional brick or contemporary wood and glass, you can add style and boost curb appeal by painting your exterior doors and gates. Invite people inside with a front door painted candy apple red, grass green, or banana yellow. Think about giving those outdoor gates a coat of enamel paint in bronze, dark blue, sea foam green, or crisp white.

  • Kitchen Walls
    If you love to cook, you probably have a stack of cookbooks you're constantly flipping through to find your favorite recipes. To make your kitchen more useful and a little cooler, turn one of your kitchen walls into a menu board with chalkboard paint. It feels fresh, modern, and stylishly cheeky. Plus, it's easy to erase so you can put up a new recipe every day. Chalkboard paint is a fun way to add unique style to your kitchen, and you're sure to be a hit with family dinners.

  • Damaged Floors
    If you're in an older home, you may be living with floors that are showing a lot of wear and tear. Installing new floors could easily cost you thousands of dollars that may not be in your budget. If most of your damages are cosmetic and not structural, consider painting your floors. Your old, worn hardwood floors may look stunning with a coat of light gray or white paint that will brighten and open up the space. If you have vinyl tiles, create a pattern using paint and stencils to give your floor up-to-date design appeal.

  • Accessories
    It's easy to turn outdated cabinet pulls, window shades, planters, picture frames, mirrors, and even lamp shades and chandeliers into stylish accessories with paint. Choose paint colors that complement the room and let your creative genius out. Think bold colors, fun patterns, and glitter and glam that will give your home a new attitude.

If you're interested in Bergen County living, contact us about available homes and prices that fit your lifestyle.