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Christmas Tree Care - Homeowners - Tarvin Realtors

A live Christmas tree looks beautiful and makes your home smell fresh, but it's also important to take good care of the tree, so it survives until the holidays. A well-cared-for tree won't dry out as fast and will shed fewer needles, lasting as long as five weeks before needing to come down. Here are a few tips from our agents for getting the most out of your tree.

  1. Make sure it has a fresh cut.
    A live tree will develop a seal of tree sap or resin over the cut end if the tree runs out of water for even a few hours. A quality tree farm will make a fresh cut for you when you purchase the tree. It's important to get the tree into a bucket of water immediately when you get home and leave it there until you are ready to put it into the stand. Otherwise, you'll need to make another fresh cut before putting the tree up.

  2. Provide plenty of water.
    As soon as you get the tree into the stand, fill the stand with water. The tree will go through the most water the first day, as much as a gallon or so. Expect to refill the tree stand with water again in the evening or first thing in the morning. After that, you should check the tree stand and add more water at least once a day, depending on the size of the stand and how much water the tree is going through.

  3. Keep the room cooler than usual.
    One way to ensure your tree lasts longer is to keep the room a little cooler than you normally would. A warm room speeds up the process by which the tree slowly dries out and dies. A cooler room, however, will slow the drying process down and help you squeeze a little more time out of the tree.

  4. Use a humidifier.
    Speaking of drying, a humidifier can make a big difference if the room the tree is in tends to be fairly dry, especially in the winter, when the furnace tends to have a drying effect on the house. Some Ridgewood homes for sale have whole-house humidifiers, but if you don't have one, consider putting a tabletop humidifier in the room with the tree. As a bonus, the humidified air will be better for your whole family's sinuses and skin.

  5. Keep the tree away from heat sources.
    Heat sources are another danger for live Christmas trees, not only because they make them dry out faster but also because they can cause a fire. Heat sources such as radiators, baseboard heating, fireplaces, and even heating vents can cause the drying tree to get hot enough to start a fire. String lights can also be dangerous if the wiring is getting old and frayed. Keep your tree alive, but more importantly, keep your family safe this holiday season!

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