3 Reasons To Consider Buying A Home This Fall

Posted by Tarvin Realtors on Thursday, September 15th, 2016 at 2:01pm.

While your fellow home buyer friends were rushing to find their dream home before the summer came to a close, you missed the cutoff date...or so you thought. Before you retire your searching sessions for another year and put your plans for reorganization and resettlement on hold, consider the upsides of having waited this long to close a deal. While summer is peak season—the most popular time of the year to purchase property—it turns into the season which actually tends to favor buyers. Of course, there are advantages to buying in the summer, as there are for any season. Families with children, for example may prefer to have everything settled before the school year commences. But if you can put those bonuses aside, there is a wealth of benefits that comes from waiting until the air turns crisper and cooler and the leaves turn gold. Here are 3 simple reasons you should consider buying your home in the fall.

You'll Find Motivated Sellers

There are several related perks to house hunting and buying in the fall. Buyers can be extra motivated, having planned to sell during the summer. Many sellers have jobs lined up elsewhere, set-in-stone moving plans, or just can't wait another year to downsize. Whatever their reason, sellers are often willing to negotiate more than they would during the summer. Deals and reductions are very common. The end of the sunny season seems to create a temporary and makeshift buyer's market, and taking full advantage of this state is a smart idea. While you might be worrying about low inventory, you won't need to in Ridgewood. Though many residents do hold on to their homes here, there's a great selection of properties to choose from year-round— and they all have that famous Ridgewood architectural beauty. Explore Ridgewood real estate listings to view inventory!

Your Fall Maintenance Could Be Taken Care Of

Chances are if sellers are motivated to close a deal, they'll have your fall maintenance covered. If you move into a home in mid-summer, you might find that the home was only prepped to the sales standard of that season. Once autumn rolls around, you could find yourself cleaning up gutters, pruning trees, and clearing fallen branches from your yard. If you buy in the fall, this may already be done for you.


Curb Appeal Disappears

It sounds like a con, but the drab look of a home in late fall can actually be a bonus. Not only does it force sellers to work harder to overcome the "first impression" so important during a summer sale, it means your love for the home will be amplified in later seasons. Think about it this way; if you love how a home looks on a gray day when its free of leaves and blossoms, and sports barren vegetation, imagine how much you'll love it in spring and summer!

Looking for advice on buying or selling your home after peak season? Get in touch with your real estate experts at Tarvin Realtors today!

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