5 Best Home Staging Tips

Posted by Tarvin Realtors on Tuesday, August 6th, 2019 at 12:04pm.

So you made the choice to list your house with Tarvin, now you may ask what is the next step? At Tarvin Realtors, we believe that staging your home is crucial because it will help increase your homes  perceived value. If you want to sell your home at the best price, it should look its best. Staging helps achieve the wow factor of your house and it also lets buyers imagine themselves living there. Furthermore, staging your home that is for sale in Ridgewood will give useful tips to potential buyers searching for houses in Ridgewood on how they can make use of various rooms in the house, such as an office or play area for children. So have no fear, Tarvin Realtors is here to share with you our five best tips for home staging: Hire somebody. If staging your home has you feeling overwhelmed or confused, consult a professional. Their advice will reveal your homes full potential by suggesting furniture layouts, what to buy, what color to paint, etc. Professionals will also adhere to and make the most of your budget, so in the long run it can save a bit of money and stress. 

  1. Stay neutral. Repainting rooms is common in home staging. Avoid using bright colors as that may be a turn off for potential buyers. If a bedroom is a bright pink, it may be beneficial for you to repaint the room to a neutral color, such a white, grey or taupe so that potential home buyers can have the option to choose the color they want. If you are planning to buy furniture or decor for home staging, again pick neutral colors or items. Painting or buying furniture with a bold color may lessen the perceived value of the home, so it is best to stay neutral. 

  2. Lighting. Allowing natural or artificial lighting into a home can shape the appearance to seem bigger. Lift up the shades and turn on all the lights lights in every room to brighten as much as possible. Dark rooms hide charm and aspects of the space that are most attractive to potential buyers. Turn on all the lights in the home (even in closets) for any showings or open houses to make the home brighter and more welcoming. 

  3. Rearranging. Rooms can sometimes be rearranged to totally change the use of the room. Buyers are looking at the size of each room they walk into, so rearranging furniture to make the rooms look as large as possible will be very helpful. Additionally, try to rearrange furniture to create a more walkable spaces that way rooms are more navigable and can allow potential buyers to imagine their furniture and lives there.

  4. Declutter. Go through all those coat closets, linen closets, basements, attics, etc. Toss out as much as you can so these spaces will show off their full potential. Not only is this an important part to home staging, it will also be very helpful for when it comes to moving. By decluttering, buyers will see rooms within the house as they are and not be distracted by an overflowing stuff which might influence a buyers opinion of a room.

We hope these were helpful tips! As always, feel free to leave any questions or comments below. 


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