5 Open House Myths Debunked

Posted by Tarvin Realtors on Friday, July 11th, 2014 at 2:20pm.

open house mythsMyth #1: They’re Outdated

The way Realtors® advertise open houses has evolved just as much as the way buyers search for homes. With online listing services and other platforms, real estate agents have new methods for connecting with buyers.

These services create opportunities for open houses, as buyers searching listings will see a notice for an open house and visit a home they may have not otherwise. If the buyer can’t attend the open house, they always have the option of booking a private showing.

Open house advertising is one way of making your listing unique, which generates more traffic, whether online or in person.

Myth #2: They’re A Waste Of Time

Open house non-believers often state that there is no return on investment unless there is an offer. What they don’t realize is that open houses do so much more than create offers. Visitors can provide valuable feedback on what they like and don’t like, so the Realtor® and seller can optimize the home for future showings.

As well, serious buyers will eventually want to see the home in person. If the home is available to them without having to book a showing, they see it as hassle-free. Buyers can take their time getting to know the home.

What’s more, the Realtor® can collect visitor information, giving the seller an idea of who is coming to see their home. Together they can craft a strategy targeted to these visitors.

Myth #3: They're The Only Way to Seal The Deal

This is a half myth, because open houses often will seal the deal for a buyer. However, they don’t always result in offers, which is why sellers and real estate agents don’t rely solely on open houses. They’re one of many tools used for getting the word out. Your agent also has the ability to expand advertising across different platforms, so ask them about mobile listings and featuring your home on social media.

Myth #4: They Can Be Thrown Together Last Minute

The home has to be conducive to an open house, which requires time. The seller and Realtor® each play an important role when it comes to open houses. The sellers needs to be eager enough to prepare for the open house, including tidying up and making repairs. The Realtor® also needs to prepare in advance, by planning and marketing for the open house.

Myth #5: They Attract Unwanted Traffic from Nosy Neighbors

Neighbors hold the power of word of mouth, so if they come to the open house, that’s okay. They can satisfy their curiosity, and if someone they know is buying, then your home is the first that pops into their head!

Take a look at the upcoming open houses in Ridgewood, NJ or contact us if you have any questions.

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