5 Tips for Selling Ridgewood, NJ Luxury Homes

Posted by Tarvin Realtors on Tuesday, July 18th, 2017 at 12:27pm.

Selling Ridgewood NJ Luxury HomesWhile the prospect of getting a great return on your investment when it comes to selling a luxury home in Ridgewood can be exciting, it's also no secret that selling any home, let alone a luxury home, can be stressful. Many worry about homes that sit on the market for too long, which is an all-too-common issue with luxury homes that aren't priced properly. So what's the best way to sell your home quickly and for the best price allowable? Keep reading for a few tips from Tarvin REALTORS® on how you can achieve your goals when it comes to selling Ridgewood, NJ luxury real estate.

List Your Home During Warmer Months

Among the most important qualities when it comes time to sell any home is marketing it in the best possible light, which in New Jersey usually means the late spring or summer months. Luxury homes, in particular, have their most curb appeal when their dazzling exteriors can shine in the bright sunlight and the massive lawns that surround the homes are as lush as they can be. After all, buyers won't be able to fully appreciate how perfectly manicured your grass is or how spectacular your garden is or how ideal your pool deck is if it's covered in snow or if it's so windy that leaves and branches are blowing all over the lawn and deck. Potential buyers might not be able to picture your home in its best light unless they can actually see it when the weather is ideal, so you should always try your best to put your home on the market during the warmer months.

Consider Hiring a Home Stager

Another great way to showcase your home in its best light is to stage it professionally. After all, you're selling luxury and one of the things that buyers of upscale homes look for is the size and extravagance of your rooms. In order to put your best foot forward and make your home appear as lavish and flashy as possible, you should strongly consider hiring a home stager. There is no one better at emphasizing your home's best features than a highly qualified stager, especially when you consider that the appeal of most luxury homes is their high-end amenities. Home stagers have a way of organizing a dining room or arranging patio furniture in a way that maximizes the space and makes the areas sparkle. However, if you'd rather save a bit of money on home staging, we have a separate blog with even more tips on how to stage your own home effectively.

Know the Ridgewood, NJ Real Estate Market and be Patient

Knowing the number of possible buyers in your location is very important when it comes time to sell your home and there are very few markets with a wide array of potential buyers in the luxury market. Even in an upper-middle-class town like Ridgewood where stately homes are not uncommon, the supply of buyers isn't huge. This is where patience comes into play. Selling a luxury home generally takes longer than your average home, even when you do everything else correctly. The key is to plan for this delay and, in the meantime, let your trusted real estate agent do their job of marketing your home and keeping it in the best shape to show potential buyers. The right agent will also have enough knowledge of the market to price your home correctly so that eventually you'll get the right buyer. If you're looking for a great agent in Ridgewood or if you're not sure if your current agent is qualified, contact Tarvin REALTORS® today to speak with an experienced and highly professional group of agents.

Marketing Your Home

As we've just established, there aren't quite as many potential buyers in Ridgewood luxury real estate market—or any luxury home market for that matter—which makes it even more important to advertise to as many potential customers as possible. It's crucial that each potential buyer who can afford a high-end home in Ridgewood knows about your home, so you need to reach those buyers by using every possible advertising avenue.

This is where Tarvin REALTORS® will come through for you. Our team has years of experience at knowing exactly where and how to market luxury homes in the Ridgewood, NJ area to get results for our clients. We'll have your home photographed in its best light and then create a variety of online advertisements. We even have a number of our own listings featured on this website. We specialize in Ridgewood luxury real estate and we're routinely within the top 10 percent in our region in sales volume. Learn more about how Tarvin REALTORS® can help you sell your luxury home in the Ridgewood area.

Price Your Home Appropriately

Luxury homes can sit on the market for longer than most homes even if they're priced correctly, but some real estate agents have a tendency to overprice high-end homes. It's very important to find an agent who has your best interest in mind and will list your Ridgewood luxury home a fair price in order to sell the home as promptly as possible, while still helping you achieve your goals.

At Tarvin REALTORS®, we'll do a comparative market analysis and use our years of experience to determine the most appropriate price for your home. You can even get the ball rolling by filling out our free property valuation form. A fair price for both the buyer and seller is probably the most important aspect of listing a luxury home in Ridgewood, so you need a knowledgeable REALTOR® who knows the local market. Contact Tarvin REALTORS® to find out how we can help you sell you Ridgewood, NJ luxury home for a fair price as quickly as the market will allow.

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