8 Reasons To Love Ridgewood

Posted by Tarvin Realtors on Friday, August 5th, 2016 at 12:28pm.

Those who have lived in Ridgewood for any significant period of time know its secrets. We know why living here is so special and so coveted; why those who have resided in some truly world-class destinations still strive to call our village "home". As a newcomer or prospective resident, or perhaps someone who has relocated to the city and is considering coming back, you might need a little convincing. Ridgewood is known to be sophisticated and charming, but many specifics beyond that remain just shy of the public eye. That's where we can help. We've put together this list of 8 golden reasons why Ridgewood residents love their community — and why you will too.

We're A Village, And It Shows

Being a village means that Ridgewood is even more friendly and communal than a town or city. While larger cities have the reputation of being more social and exciting, there's nothing like familiarity with your community and the reliability of being an important member of that community to give you that "warm and fuzzy" feeling that Ridgewood residents can always come home to. The rich history, the peaceful roads, and the lush green spaces have a subtle, but purely positive effect on those who live here. If you're looking for a sense of belonging, there's nowhere better.

In Ridgewood, you'll develop the kind of community connections that you've always dreamed of — you'll have your bike shop, your bookstore, and your favorite bakery right at your fingertips. Stroll up to your beautiful home, likely gorgeously historic or surrounded by stunning foliage. It won't take long for you to realize that the Ridgewood life is truly cultivated.

We're Bursting With History

There's something about local history — your community history — that beats out the swaths of tourists that surround historic large-city attractions. Don't get us wrong; world-famous monuments are all well and good. In Ridgewood, however, history is present in every brick and stone. Here, you'll become familiar with local fixtures such as Graydon Park, and even begin to recognize iconic manors throughout the community based on prominent figures who once resided in them. Discover historic gardens, carefully crafted by their original creators and maintained with precision over the years. Wherever you look in Ridgewood, you'll uncover amazing pieces of history, relics of residents just like you.

We're Ultra-Convenient For Pedestrians & Cyclists

Not only are Ridgewood's offerings amazing, all can be walked or biked to with ease! Cycle through leafy, tree lined streets and pass by stunningly landscaped areas. Walk to all the amenities you need, without the sound of heavy traffic permeating the air. It's certainly not hard to get exactly where you need to when you reside in Ridgewood.

The Education Is First-Rate

Ridgewood is known for its excellent educational opportunities, which are highlighted by the exceptional rankings of its local public schools. Though all Ridgewood schools see outstanding rankings, Ridgewood High School has most recently and most prominently been lauded for its high-caliber academic program and skyrocketing graduation rates. On top of this, the Ridgewood populace is highly educated.

Green Space Is Everywhere

Wherever you turn in Ridgewood, you can find lush, green spaces to relax and unwind by. From the village's prominent public and private gardens to its greenbelts, trails, and parks, there's no shortage of luxuriant nature-inspired spots to take in some fresh air around here.



The Charm Is Almost Unbearable

Ridgewood has a dreamy romanticism about it that's hard to pinpoint. Is it its timeless appeal? Its chocolate-box historic buildings, its friendly residents? Truth be told, it's all of the above. The Ridgewood lifestyle is optimally paced and idyllic in every way. Grab an espresso or old-fashioned parlor ice cream on a quiet street. Go horseback riding through stunning bridle paths. Get active by heading to the local fields or tennis club. Wrapped in a golden haze of wholesome nostalgia, Ridgewood life is truly charmed.

It's Proximate To The City & Mountains

When it comes to diverse recreational opportunities, Ridgewood is sort of perfect. While as a resident you get to live in an impeccably-sized village, you have the world's most exciting city at your front doorstep and a world of lush mountains and forests at your back. On any given weekend, you can head into the world-class metropolis of New York City. Alternately, if you simply want to "get away from it all", you can take a scenic drive north into the heart of the mountains.

It's Served By Tarvin

If you're relocating to Ridgewood, or simply moving within the village, one surefire reason you'll love Ridgewood is that it's served by Tarvin Realtors. We'll make sure that every step of your home buying process is comfortable, smooth, and streamlined — and you'll know that you can trust us every step of the way. With over 45 years of experience in the community, Tarvin has successfully carried out our vision to provide dedicated, tailored service to the residents of Ridgewood. We've worked with a countless number of the residents who currently live here and are excited to ensure you'll love Ridgewood as much as they—and we —do.

Contact Tarvin Realtors today to get started on your Ridgewood real estate journey!

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