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A garage can be one of the most effective and essential spaces within a house...if it's used right. Yes, its primary function is to protect your vehicle from the elements. However, its status as a storage space offers a wealth of possibilities; the only downside is that for many, "storage space" signifies an incoherent mashup of miscellaneous items in which nothing can be easily found. The other roadblock is the fact that once your garage descends into chaos, it's easy to avoid addressing. For one, it's an industrial, unfinished part of the house that can easily be ignored and mentally disconnected from the rest; sometimes it's even separate from the main building. If everything is sparkling clean and organized except the garage, it's not hard to dismiss

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So, you've bought your first home and everything is new and exciting. Perhaps you went for a foreclosure or simply a lovely entry-level home that's smaller and more modest than what you hope to one day own. One of the most common things first time homeowners experience after the purchase is the feeling of never truly becoming accustomed to this first home. Some avoid becoming too comfortable, saving their dream landscaping, renovations, and decor for their trade-up home. Why pour time or money into something that you have no plans to stay in long-term? Well, because it's still your home. Yes, things could change to make you stay there — you might love the direction the neighborhood is going in or end up budgeting for something other than upsizing. But

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As many homeowners know, new isn't always better. And while not everyone wants an ultra-contemporary home—especially in Ridgewood which is known for its classics—almost everyone appreciates the advent of modern home technology. Functionality, efficiency, environmental responsibility, and safety have all improved with modern home features and no one can deny the importance of those things. However, in our rush to embrace the amazing developments both superficial and imperative in the home building world, we've abandoned many fantastic ideas and approaches and classed them as outmoded when they actually serve a fantastic function. Here are 5 wonderful older home-inspired ideas that you shouldn't be afraid of incorporating for the fear of being passé!

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While your fellow home buyer friends were rushing to find their dream home before the summer came to a close, you missed the cutoff date...or so you thought. Before you retire your searching sessions for another year and put your plans for reorganization and resettlement on hold, consider the upsides of having waited this long to close a deal. While summer is peak season—the most popular time of the year to purchase property—it turns into the season which actually tends to favor buyers. Of course, there are advantages to buying in the summer, as there are for any season. Families with children, for example may prefer to have everything settled before the school year commences. But if you can put those bonuses aside, there is a wealth of benefits that

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If you're itching to jump into fall in Ridgewood, you're in luck — the season is just around the corner. And Ridgewood does fall the right way, with piles of red leaves, beautifully brisk parks to stroll through, and cozy concoctions. Fall also signifies the return to some of the best schools around. While the days are still temperate, fall lovers living in Ridgewood can prepare for what is arguably the most beautiful season by penciling Ridgewood's famous fall activities into their schedules. Here are 10 fun things to do in Ridgewood that will get you in the spirit of fall.

Go Pumpkin Picking

The classic and most quintessential fall activity is best experienced nowhere other than the areas surrounding Ridgewood, New Jersey. Bergen County is home to

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As the stereotype goes, millennials are enchanted by city life. The cosmopolitan appeal combined with the convenience, style, and culture of urban living is hard to resist and plenty of data shows that young people have been straying away from the suburbs and small towns, hoping to take advantage of all a metropolis can offer. They're notoriously recognized for evading car and home ownership, marriage, and the white picket fence for as long as possible. However, the advantages of investing in suburban and small town areas are extensive—many people simply haven't realized it yet. If you're a millennial considering moving to residential suburbia or a beautiful village like Ridgewood, you're on the right track. Need some convincing? Here are 5 fantastic

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Granite countertops, hardwood floors, and stainless steel appliances have gone from beautiful, groundbreaking trends to defaults of any home built or upgraded after 2005. But in a world where this combination of materials has become an essential in any home, what has happened to the customized kitchen, the one that stands out? It might be easy to dismiss this concept as being tacky since the granite-wood-steel package has monopolized the realm of kitchen decor, but homeowners are quickly tiring of the uniformity. We're told to avoid personalization in order to sell our homes, but that doesn't mean your kitchen can't be luxurious in a way that's anything but standard. Here are 3 ways to boost the style and elegance of your kitchen and make it stand out —

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Ridgewood is often called a "bedroom community" of New York City due to its proximity to the heart of Manhattan. But the phrase all too often calls to mind unsavory ideas of "commuter towns": residents who are always flustered and on-the-go, living situations that were settled on as a result of being unable to afford enough space in the city. Frankly, commuter towns sound boring. And "bedroom community" sounds as though the only time spent there is spent sleeping. None of the above apply to Ridgewood. That's why we want to highlight 3 reasons you should choose Ridgewood, whether or not you have the option to live in the city.

It's Perfect For Families

If you have a large family or are considering having children, there's nowhere better than

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Whether you work from home on a regular basis or you simply need a place to shield out distraction so you can focus on projects, reading, or studying, a home office is an essential. Forget a bedroom desk; bedrooms should be designated for relaxing and unwinding. You don't want your sleep to be disrupted by the huge stack of papers that sit dauntingly in your peripheral vision. Working in the kitchen or dining room isn't ideal either, as these spaces can easily become overwhelmed with work-related clutter and it's hard to stay organized in such multi-use areas. Clearing your documents up to set the table and moving them back afterwards can quickly become tiring — and messy.

You don't necessarily need a spare room to create your perfect home office, but

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With just over a month of summer left, it's time to squeeze in those home repair and maintenance projects you've either been putting off or haven't gotten around to yet. Hopefully you've been taking the time to enjoy summer staples such as garden parties and open air lounging — and taking advantage of all Ridgewood has to offer. But while the days are still long, make sure to check up on your home to ensure that it's all prepped and primed to stay in top shape for another full year. If you're not sure where to start, use this handy agenda of 4 home maintenance items to cross of the list before the leaves turn and it's time to pull out the sweaters again. Then, you can relax and enjoy the balmy days knowing that your handiwork is done!

Just Paint Your

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