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Your beloved Ridgewood, NJ home should be treated like a part of the family—with respect, well maintained, and certainly not neglected. Whether you have a new home, an established house that could use a bit of TLC, or a property that you'd like to put up for sale on the market in the near future, doing home renovations or more extensive remodeling can improve your home's real estate value and curb appeal. You might have plenty of home improvement project ideas in mind, but where do you even start? The smart thing for any Ridgewood homeowner to do is to network with the right professionals in the industry: builders, contractors, interior designers, kitchen and bath, flooring, and roofing experts, garden and landscaping architects—the list goes on.

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joint mortgage for your ridgewood homeWith nearly every homebuying endeavor, the mortgage is one of the most critical elements that can make or break the dream of home ownership. It's a huge decision, and one that real estate agents encourage their clients give long, hard thought to. A joint mortgage is one where two or more people collectively apply for a mortgage instead of just one, which is why it's quite commonly preferred by married couples. While it's less common for friends and family members to apply for these types of loans, it's certainly not impossible. In either circumstance, all involved parties agree to the terms and conditions of the loan, and each are equally liable for it, unlike an individual mortgage where only one person is responsible for the loan.

What Factors Go

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tips for buying a home in the winter in Ridgewood, NJIn our last blog post, we talked about how you should consider buying a home in the winter, despite the season's bad rep with real estate markets. This week, we've compiled a list of tips for buying a home in the winter in Ridgewood, Bergen County or any other area that gets cold temperatures and snow. So if we convinced you that wintertime isn't so bad for real estate transactions after all, read on and feel extra confident when you take that cold, home buying-plunge!

Tip #1: Get a Home Inspection

Wintertime in Ridgewood, NJ is probably the best time to put a home to the test. With nearly every system functioning at max capacity, including things like the hot water tank, furnace, and plumbing and irrigation systems, a home inspection can reveal how

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buying a home in the winter in Ridgewood, NJIn our last blog post we highlighted the advantages of selling your Ridgewood, NJ home in the winter and provided some tips on how to do so. Buying a home in the winter can be similarly advantageous. Whether you're a discerning homebuyer looking for a deal or simply need to relocate for personal reasons, braving the cold and less-than-ideal weather conditions to house-hunt can be worth it. Read on to discover why you should consider buying a home in the winter in Ridgewood or the surrounding Bergen County area.

Winter is a Buyer's Market

While spring and summer are historically the prime seasons for real estate, fall and winter typically present a slower market that's perfect for buyers. While there may be fewer homes for sale as temperatures drop,

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selling your home in the winterSelling your home during any season can be a stressful undertaking, but there are always certain things you can do to highlight its great features and help it sell quickly and for top dollar. Selling your home in the winter is no different. Okay, it can be quite a bit different, but that isn't necessarily a bad thing.

First of all, while there are typically fewer people buying houses in the winter months, there are also fewer people selling houses, which means less competition for you as a seller. This also means that the people braving the cold to attend your open houses are more likely to be serious buyers, and less likely to be "just browsing." It's also important to remember that the main reasons people purchase a home (relocating for that new job,

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halloween home safety tips for trick or treatersIt's almost that time of year again when children literally turn into little monsters and ghouls and descend upon neighborhoods across the country in the hopes of collecting as many sweet treats as possible. There are a lot of fun ways to prepare for this invasion and decorating your home to welcome (or scare) trick-or-treaters on All Hallow's Eve is a popular one. As a responsible homeowner, there are some simple precautions you can take to ensure the night is as fun-filled and safe as possible. Read the Halloween home safety tips below to prepare your home for safe trick-or-treating.


While it can be tempting to keep things dark to up the scare-factor, children might already have a difficult time seeing due to masks and cumbersome

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ridgewood nj halloweenWhile the cooler weather brought on by October means it’s time to say our official goodbye to summer, it also means we get to say hello to the many wonderful things that the fall season has to offer: we get to bundle up with cozy sweaters and big scarves, witness leaves changing into fiery colors and crunch them underfoot, and sip on pumpkin-spiced beverages.

But for most children, and even some adults, October really just means one thing: Halloween! As such, we’ve put together a list of some Bergen County Halloween events near Ridgewood, NJ taking place this season. From pumpkin-picking and ghostly storytelling to hayrides and trick-or-treating, you’re sure to find something to get yourself and your little ghouls into the Halloween spirit.

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So, you’re ready to sell your home. You’ve made that big decision, weighed all the pros and cons of moving and have decided to list your home among the other Ridgewood homes for sale. Maybe you’ve finally found that dream home or the kids have finally left and you’re able to downsize. Regardless of the reasons you’ve decided to sell, there are a number of mistakes you want to avoid to ensure the sale of your house is successful and that you’re putting the maximum amount of money in your pocket. Check out our infographic and keep reading below to learn about some of the most common mistakes home sellers make when listing their house, and how you can avoid making them!

home selling tips and things to avoid

Mistake #1: Pricing Your Home Wrong

How you price your home is the most

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There is a lot of history and style in our quiet little town of Ridgewood, New Jersey and a great deal of that history can be found in the town’s architecture. From the first home built by Johannes Van Emburgh in 1700 right through to today’s newer developments, the architectural styling of Ridgewood tells the story of our town. Take a drive around Ridgewood and see if you can identify the different styles of houses that add to our town’s character. To get you started, we’ve provided a quick snapshot of four of the more popular styles of architectural design that can be found within our community.

English Tudor/English Cottage

The English Tudor style of architecture, or more accurately the Tudor Revival style, brings to mind quaint little pubs in

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Located near the center of the village of Ridgewood, New Jersey and surrounded by the historic homes that make up this quaint community, sits the focal point for neighborhood outdoor summertime fun: the historical Graydon Park and Pool. A gathering place for families for the last century, Graydon Park and its spring fed pool has provided outdoor fun for four generations of Ridgewood residents and visitors. If you’re looking for some family friendly outdoor activities to keep you busy this summer, Graydon Pool has something for just about everyone.

Graydon Pool Swimming and Beach

The main feature of this historical park is, of course, the famous Graydon Pool. A natural spring fed and sandy-floored lake, Graydon Pool has white sandy beaches

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