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oakland njPurchased in 1695 and settled in the early 1700s, Oakland, New Jersey is a quaint town with a rich history. Over the centuries the town has seen many changes, including a name change or two. Today, Oakland is known as a family-friendly community with a beautiful natural landscape.

Rated 2013’s best town for young families by the New Jersey Monthly, this town has a wealth of exceptional amenities for anyone looking for a home to raise their kids in.

Oakland, NJ Homes For Sale

What’s particularly interesting about Oakland homes for sale is the distinctive Dutch influence in many of the historic homes. Houses have features such as gambrel roofs—where the sides of the roofs are curved instead of gabled.

The post-war boom was not forgotten on

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bergen county live eventsThere are great live shows to check out in Bergen County this August! The live concert experience epitomizes the feeling summer for many people. The open air and the excitement of a live performance is a great way to get out and explore the community around you and absorb some terrific entertainment. Here are some of the best live shows being put on this August, right here in Bergen County.

The Tenafly Free Concert Series

This free event is held every Tuesday and Thursday evening in Huyler Park in Tenafly, NJ. These lively outdoor events feature a variety of performers and styles including big band, jazz, classical and even classic rock. Bring out a folding chair or a blanket and find a comfortable spot, or just get up and dance. The choice is up to

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open house mythsMyth #1: They’re Outdated

The way Realtors® advertise open houses has evolved just as much as the way buyers search for homes. With online listing services and other platforms, real estate agents have new methods for connecting with buyers.

These services create opportunities for open houses, as buyers searching listings will see a notice for an open house and visit a home they may have not otherwise. If the buyer can’t attend the open house, they always have the option of booking a private showing.

Open house advertising is one way of making your listing unique, which generates more traffic, whether online or in person.

Myth #2: They’re A Waste Of Time

Open house non-believers often state that there is no return on investment unless there

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list ridgewood homesYou may be wondering if now is the right time to list your home in Ridgewood, or surrounding areas. When making this decision, be sure to examine absorption rates within the local real estate market.

Tarvin Realtors has calculated the absorption rate for Ridgewood and surrounding towns through May 31st, 2014.

Bergen County Real Estate Absorption Rates

Within the Bergen County real estate market, an absorption rate that is less than 6 indicates a seller's market. This means that homes are selling at a quicker rate, and final prices will be very similar to the original listed price. On the flip side, and absorption rate of more than 6 indicates a buyer's market. The buyer will usually be able to negotiate a price much lower than the listing price

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If you're wondering about the current market value of your home, look to your tax assessed value for an estimate. As of May 31, Ridgewood homes were selling at an average of 108.8 percent of assessed value.

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Selling a Ridgewood, New Jersey home is not quite as simple as it used to be; it takes far more than sticking a ‘for sale’ sign in the yard and waiting for buyers to come to you. With decades of experience in the Ridgewood real estate market, our team at Tarvin Realtors has assisted countless sellers complete the Ridgewood home selling process with ease. Whether you’re toying around with the idea of selling your home and want some guidance or need to sell your home immediately, you’ve come to the right place to learn more about the Ridgewood home selling process and the steps needed to ensure your transaction is as smooth and successful as possible.

Let’s take a look at some of the most common steps to the Ridgewood home selling process and the many

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Whether you’ve just started to consider buying a home in Ridgewood or you're already exploring housing options, you’ve come to the right place to learn more about the Ridgewood home buying process. While each state requires slightly different steps to buying a home and each transaction, no matter what state, is different, they are all very similar. As real estate experts that specialize in the purchase and sale of Ridgewood houses, it would be our great pleasure to share our knowledge of the buying process with you. Of course, it is always best to consult a Realtor® about the specific steps required for your particular transaction.

The most important step to beginning the home buying process in Ridgewood, New Jersey is to examine your finances. This

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Are you buying or selling a home in Ridgewood, New Jersey? Overwhelmed? Taking care of all the little details when it comes time to purchase or sell in Ridgewood can seem daunting and overwhelming. There are many considerations to be made and deadlines to meet to ensure that your transaction stays on track. While many of these items will be managed and tracked by your Ridgewood Realtor®, it is imperative for you to stay informed and up to date. As local real estate experts that have been assisting buyers and sellers just like you for decades, we’ve developed a checklist for buyers and sellers in Ridgewood NJ to help better prepare you.

From researching potential neighborhoods and getting an inspection, to educating yourself about market trends and

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Buying an investment property in Ridgewood, New Jersey – or anywhere in the United States – can be a great investment for your financial future. However, just because investing in real estate has a great reputation for offering stellar returns and building wealth, it doesn’t mean that all investments are created equal. The secret to getting great returns on your investment property lies in understanding the fundamentals of what makes a great investment and a focus on finding only the best properties to buy. Our team at Tarvin Realtors has been assisting buyers, sellers and investors of Ridgewood real estate for more than four decades and has the knowledge, experience and resources to help you find the investment property you desire.

Below, we’ve put

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Its vibrant atmosphere within Bergen County and ideal proximity to Manhattan characterizes the community of Ridgewood, New Jersey. However, Ridgewood and Bergen County also draw residents and visitors with the wealth of activities available throughout the year. From biking the six-mile path that extends from the Ridgewood Duck Pond into Saddle River to taking in a show at the Ridgewood Symphony Orchestra, you’ll never be at a loss for things to do. And, with Manhattan and the city that never sleeps just a 45-minute drive away, Ridgewood real estate really does place its owners in the perfect location!

Whether you’ve been planning a vacation to Ridgewood and need some additional information or are coming to the area to explore real estate options and

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