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We can all agree that 2016 was a bit of a roller coaster, with many highs and lows. One thing is for sure; the theme for the year should definitely be to expect the unexpected.

Making predictions for the upcoming year is challenging because no one can truly say for sure what the future will bring, however, there are several trends that Realtor.com is predicting for the real estate market in 2017. Here are some of the most significant predictions:

New Homebuyers and Millennials will Move to the Midwest

For young homebuyers, affordability is a huge factor in purchasing a home. One of the trends that we started to see in 2016 was a younger buyer moving to the Midwest because of the affordability factor. Millennials and recent graduates will be more

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How You Know it’s Time to Downsize and When Not To

Many homeowners will eventually want to downsize from their family home into something smaller or more manageable. This is a popular choice for retirees and people whose children have since moved out and started their own families.

But how do you know when the time is right? Here are several things to think of before choosing to downsize your home:

Are Utility Bills Getting Out of Hand?

Heating and cooling a large family home can often be expensive. This is especially true as the cost of energy rises in many areas. Are you noticing increasing utility bills? For many retirees on a fixed income, rising bills are simply not feasible. In many cases, downsizing to a smaller home will result in

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Are you planning a renovation in the New Year? Looking to spruce up your home and add value to your property? Or are you making flooring decisions for a new home currently in construction? Flooring materials come in many varieties with many pros and cons. If you’re feeling overwhelmed with the choices available for your new floors, take a read below and learn more about what type of flooring is best for you:


A popular choice for bedrooms and studies, carpet is a standard choice in many homes. Although it can sometimes be a little pricey to install, carpet is a great choice for creating a comfortable, cozy ambiance. Carpet will keep your home a little warmer during cold winters and may sometimes also work to reduce noise in the home.

One of

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Who says you have to leave home to enjoy the holidays? Many Bergen County residents feel the need to head into the city to enjoy the sights and sounds of the holidays, but the truth is that there’s more than enough fun to be had here at home. Save the stress and cost of a trip to the city this holiday season and make your own memories at home in Bergen County.

Here are our top picks for fun and exciting holiday activities:

Ridgewood’s “Downtown for the Holidays”

Even if you’ve missed the annual lighting of the tree in downtown Ridgewood, there are still many opportunities to get in the holiday spirit. This four-week event in Ridgewood offers store discounts, meet and greets with Santa and free movies throughout the month of December.


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Many homeowners notice when the temperatures drop, their energy bills rise. This isn’t a unique problem; it’s something that almost every homeowner faces each year. Luckily, there are several things you can do to save money on your energy costs this winter. Here are some of our best tips and tricks for saving money when it starts to get cold outside:

Make Sure Your Air Filters are Clean

One of the leading factors in an inefficient heating system is a dirty or clogged air filter. Your heater or furnace requires a constant stream of clean air to operate efficiently. If your air filter is dirty, the heater or furnace will strain to operate efficiently. This will result in higher energy bills and greater risk of an unexpected breakdown.

Invest in

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Many so-called real estate experts will try and discourage individuals from trying to sell their homes during the holidays. November to January is typically considered the worst time of year to buy a property, however, there are many benefits to selling at this time that many people do not consider.

Selling during the holidays may seem like simply adding another item to your seasonal to-do list, but you may find that your home is actually easier to sell during this time of year. For one, homebuyers during the holidays are typically more motivated and serious about buying. The market is also less saturated, which means there are fewer homes and less competition to worry about.

Here are our top five tips for selling your Ridgewood home during the

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Packing a bag and heading to the gym is a chore. Let’s be honest. And once you get there, it’s all about finding a locker, scoping out available machines, and trying not to get a bad case of athletes foot in the showers. Taking care of yourself is important. Diet and exercise are two vital components of a long and healthy life. So why spend your time commuting to and from the gym when you can create the perfect space at home work those muscles and get your heart rate pumping.

Here are some things to consider when creating your perfect workout space at home:

Think About What Type of Workouts You Enjoy

Are you a cardio fanatic? Do you prefer lifting weights? Creating a gym full of equipment you won’t use is useless, which is why we recommend taking

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The holiday season is upon us. First up, is Thanksgiving; the perfect time of year to enjoy family dinners, watch football, and give thanks for our blessings. If you are hosting a Thanksgiving get-together, you may be feeling the pressure to create the perfect day and meal for your friends and loved ones.

Here are some tips for getting your home ready for Thanksgiving:

Make Sure the Guest Rooms Have Clean Sheets

If you are planning to have guests sleepover, make sure the sheets in your guest rooms are clean. Nothing is worse than crawling into a bed with old, musty sheets. Even if you aren’t planning on having loved ones sleepover, make sure your guest rooms are clean and ready in case an unexpected guest decides to sleepover.

Reorganize Your

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As you enter the golden years of retirement, a few things will start to go through your mind. Questions you need to ask yourself such as figuring out if you wish to stay in your family home or move, what you’ll do with all your new spare time, and the best ways to manage your money. For many, this is the moment they have been waiting for most of their professional lives for. It’s finally time to relax and enjoy the fruits of your labor. Although retirement may seem like the beginning of a quiet era, there are still many dynamic changes that individuals go through, the most important of which, seems to be where you will live.

When it comes to retirement living, here is why Ridgewood, NJ is a popular choice for many:

The Central Location

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Living in Ridgewood is full of perks. The quiet streets, clear air, safe environment, and value for your home are just a few things that are driving people out of the city and into this beautiful and tranquil “Bedroom Community.” For many residents who still love to work and play in the city, commuting is a very real part of their lives.

Depending on your schedule, you may be spending several hours per week in your car or on the train to get to work. Don’t feel like these are lost hours. There are many things you can do to make the most of your morning commute:

Skip the Radio and Sink Your Teeth into a Podcast

Who needs the same three songs and depressing news stories on every radio channel? If you’re tired of the radio options in the car,

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