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In their 45 years in the community, Tarvin Realtors has been privileged to work with a variety of beautiful homes in Ridgewood. This gem is located in the exclusive Ridgewood Heights and was crafted in 1916 by a local architect. His expertise and influence can be seen throughout the home. This house showcases classic and timeless elegance, the kind of luxury that never goes out of style. Its exterior is defined by lush, shaded grounds and a crisp cream facade complemented by stately black trim as is characteristic of grand Colonial homes.

This unique posting dates from June 1976—almost 40 years ago—when Tarvin Realtors had already been a central part of the community for six years and had made a name for themselves as a well-trusted, well-loved

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Preparing for a yard sale can seem like a daunting task. Preparing for a yard sale when you have the pressure of moving hanging over you is often even more intimidating. But it doesn't have to be! Whether you've been prepping for months, slowly organizing things and thinking about what you can get rid of, or you're hard-pressed for time and have to get everything things orderly at the last minute, we've got you covered. Here we've put together our top 8 handy tips for sellers to prepare for the best yard sale — ever.


You might think that combined events like multi-household or neighborhood yard sales just add to the competition — but in reality, this type of collaboration actually yields better results. If your community doesn't have an

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In collaboration with Ridgewood-based melanoma awareness organization The Promise Foundation, Tarvin Realtors will be co-hosting A Melanoma Awareness Lunch And Learn on Thursday, May 26th 2016. The Promise Foundation is an upstanding community cornerstone and its members have provided invaluable resources and fundraising initiatives in their aim to spread awareness about skin cancer and skin cancer prevention. Tarvin Realtors is proud to be a host of this upcoming event, the objective of which is to educate and inform the community on how to enjoy the sunshine in a safe way! We look forward to seeing you there.

Melanoma Awareness Lunch, Ridgwood NJ

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The Women Gardeners Of Ridgewood, one of our community's most esteemed organizations, will be holding their 2016 Secret Gardens Tour on Sunday June 5th. If you're interested in discovering beautiful and little-known gardening masterpieces throughout the village, this is your chance to do so! The event is sure to impress — the tour takes you to some upstanding properties in Ridgewood and Glen Rock where you'll explore hidden gems such as an expansive "secret" organic vegetable garden and exquisite sunken gardens, such as that of the prestigious former Graydon Estate. Of course, these are just a few samples of the works of art that you'll find on this fascinating tour which will not only inspire you but allow you to learn even more about our local history.

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We're thrilled to see that the esteemed community cornerstone of Ridgewood High School has been recognized by U.S. News for its excellent academic offerings. Positioned at number #25 on the publication's Best High Schools ranking for New Jersey, the school was acclaimed for its soaring graduation rates and outstanding preparatory programs, earning it a gold medal state ranking.

Ridgewood High School is among 67 exceptional academic institutions in New Jersey that excelled in all of the criteria which U.S. News used to determine a school's placement. These criteria included student performance, which was calculated based on statistical precedence. Also factored in were graduation rates and college readiness (Advanced Placement and International

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ways to sell your home

It's no secret that the home selling process has evolved over time, and more and more often we're seeing yesteryear's methods being replaced by attention-grabbing, tech-savvy marketing. This is most apparent in competitive real estate markets and during the high season, when sellers are forced to get creative and spare no expense in order to sell their home.

We've put together a list of 5 ways to sell your home, using tried and true "old school" methods, as well as "new school" methods sure to grab the attention of prospective homebuyers, and probably some nosy neighbors, too. Read on to see which methods you'd be willing to try in order to sell your home!

Word of Mouth vs. Social Media

Then: Ask friends and family if they know of anyone

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holiday things to do around Ridgewood, NJIt's that time of the year again! The shopping malls are busy, highways are clogged up more than usual, and the days are quickly counting down until the arrival of Big Red. What matters the most this holiday season isn't what's under the tree or if your house has enough twinkling lights, it's the time we share with one another. Remember: not all gifts need to come with fancy foil wrapping! Some of the best things that you can give are the memories you make together. With that in mind, here are five fun holiday things to do around Ridgewood, NJ and the surrounding Bergen County area. They might be just what you need to get in the holiday spirit and make some long-lasting memories in the process.

Holiday Happiness

Where: Crane House & Historic YWCA

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ridgewood nj real estate

Your beloved Ridgewood, NJ home should be treated like a part of the family—with respect, well maintained, and certainly not neglected. Whether you have a new home, an established house that could use a bit of TLC, or a property that you'd like to put up for sale on the market in the near future, doing home renovations or more extensive remodeling can improve your home's real estate value and curb appeal. You might have plenty of home improvement project ideas in mind, but where do you even start? The smart thing for any Ridgewood homeowner to do is to network with the right professionals in the industry: builders, contractors, interior designers, kitchen and bath, flooring, and roofing experts, garden and landscaping architects—the list goes on.

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joint mortgage for your ridgewood homeWith nearly every homebuying endeavor, the mortgage is one of the most critical elements that can make or break the dream of home ownership. It's a huge decision, and one that real estate agents encourage their clients give long, hard thought to. A joint mortgage is one where two or more people collectively apply for a mortgage instead of just one, which is why it's quite commonly preferred by married couples. While it's less common for friends and family members to apply for these types of loans, it's certainly not impossible. In either circumstance, all involved parties agree to the terms and conditions of the loan, and each are equally liable for it, unlike an individual mortgage where only one person is responsible for the loan.

What Factors Go

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tips for buying a home in the winter in Ridgewood, NJIn our last blog post, we talked about how you should consider buying a home in the winter, despite the season's bad rep with real estate markets. This week, we've compiled a list of tips for buying a home in the winter in Ridgewood, Bergen County or any other area that gets cold temperatures and snow. So if we convinced you that wintertime isn't so bad for real estate transactions after all, read on and feel extra confident when you take that cold, home buying-plunge!

Tip #1: Get a Home Inspection

Wintertime in Ridgewood, NJ is probably the best time to put a home to the test. With nearly every system functioning at max capacity, including things like the hot water tank, furnace, and plumbing and irrigation systems, a home inspection can reveal how

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