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Saddle River, a borough in Bergen County, is located in the north-eastern region of New Jersey and it’s one of the wealthiest municipalities in the United States. Conveniently located just 30 minutes from Manhattan, this rural area offers residents a picturesque retreat from ‘big city living’. Named after the Saddle River that flows through it, this borough boasts natural beauty and luxury not found elsewhere.

Originally settled by the Lenni Lenape tribe, Saddle River saw huge growth throughout the 18th century mostly due to wealthy Dutch families buying up regions of the land. Industry and community development continued, despite Saddle River being hit hard during both the Revolutionary and Civil War. Today, the just over 3000 residents here enjoy

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baking soda usesBaking soda uses go beyond what its name implies. We should remember that for decades, household cabinets have been filled with countless products (almost indistinguishable from each other) claiming to have specific uses for specific problems. Do you have a mysterious odor emanating from the depths of your walk-in closet? Buy this! Don't like the way your favorite piece of cookware has gone through changes like a color spectrum? Buy that! Do you have a stubborn, dog-flavored stain on your carpet? Buy this, too! How much of this stuff do we actually need, or rather, how much of it can we do without?

Modern households are more about seeking healthy, responsible practices that minimize the impact to our own health and our environment. One such simple,

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Are you looking to update your kitchen this year? Or perhaps you're building your brand-new dream home, or simply adding a few simple touches to give your kitchen a fresh look. Whether you're going for a total overhaul, or working within a budget to add a few trendy updates to your kitchen, we've provided a list of five 2015 kitchen trends to give you some design and decorating inspiration.

Warm & Mixed Metallics

metallic kitchen design

Warm metallics such as gold, bronze, and copper are big this year. Adding warm metallic details to your kitchen adds a little bit of luxury to dress up the ordinary. Cabinet hardware and sink faucets are an easy way to add a bit of shine to your kitchen, and for an even more dramatic look, consider wall decor, and light fixtures. For a

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wyckoff njLocated in Bergen County, Wyckoff, NJ is a small township of about 16,000 residents. The community prides itself on it's family-oriented values and small-town charm, where the neighbors get to know one another. Wyckoff was established as a township in 1926, replacing what was originally Franklin Township. Today, it's a vibrant little community peppered with lakes and towering trees, home to shops and services, beautiful parks and nature preserves.

Wyckoff: Beautiful Outdoor Spaces

Within the beautiful community of Wyckoff are several parks, as well as a picturesque environmental center. Residents can take a stroll through town to visit a number of ponds and brooks, and neighborhoods are encompassed by tall, mature trees that paint the town in

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moving to a new neighborhoodLet's say you've found your dream home--that perfect house in a new community with just the right square footage to comfortably accommodate your growing family, with interior that fondly reminds you of the house you grew up in, with big windows that overlook your picturesque yard or colonial porch, with just the right number of bathrooms so that there are no foreseeable lineups on those hectic Monday mornings. But choosing a new home to move to is only half the battle. After all, it's not enough to love the space inside the walls of your home, the feeling of comfort and peace of mind should go with you when you step out of your doors too. 

Doing Your Community Research

If you are planning on moving to a new neighborhood, you should always do

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ridgewood nj clubsWhether you're a new member of Ridgewood, NJ community or a longtime resident, joining clubs (or groups, or societies, or organizations, or whatever you want to call them) is a great way to establish and expand your social circles. These social groups can range from general interest groups that appeal to just about everyone to fringe groups with a shared interest in the esoteric. Be it religious or secular, social or philanthrophic, plain fun or just plain strange, there's almost something for everyone to join in on. Here is a list of just a few local groups to help get you started in exploring the diverse community at Ridgewood (click on the names to be redirected to their respective sites):

Ridgewood Newcomers Club

A social group run by the YWCA

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tech trends smart homeSometimes, a home can feel a bit lacking without the right gadgets to complement your home life. Our needs never seem to know when to stop evolving, and thankfully, neither does technology. Here are a few gadgets comprising technology trends in 2015 you may find yourself shopping for:

Automating Your Home With Insteon Hub Pro

With wider adoption of smart home devices like the Insteon Hub Pro, modern home life has become more and more about control and convenience--whether or not we're actually at home. You can control lights and outlets, thermostats, sensors and detectors, cameras and more from your mobile device, regardless of where you are in the world. This automation device is perfect for families wanting a peace of mind while vacationing far

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advantages of home ownershipThere are certainly a number of important factors to consider if you are thinking about purchasing a home. Although home ownership brings with it quite a few attractive long-term benefits, the initial commitment and costs are surely not something to scoff at.

For one, you have to be fairly secure in both your home life and your work life; unlike renting, it isn’t possible just to get up and go with little or no notice at all. And secondly, the costs associated with buying a home can be significantly higher than renting, at least in the first few years. But if you are financially secure enough, there are few investments that will see the kinds of returns and long-term benefits as home ownership.

The Financial Advantages

Tax Deductions. Unlike

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Winter may have fallen on us here in Bergen County but we can’t let the cooler weather keep us cooped up inside indefinitely. We aren’t bears - so sleeping all winter isn’t an option; we still need to get outside and continue on with our lives. The holiday season is a great time for familes and friends to get together, and what better way to spend some time together than to bundle up, throw on a scarf and enjoy the state’s beautiful natural environment. We present to you the top parks in Bergen County just waiting to be discovered and explored by you and your family this season.

Ramapo Mountain State Park

This state park takes up upwards of 4,268 square miles near Mahwah, New Jersey. The rugged forest area contains 30 miles of trails of varying

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We've all made them. And we're all equally guilty of breaking them at some point. Sometimes we'll even shamelessly cross out the last digit of the year in question and will simply change it to the next digit, leaving the rest of the list intact. It's almost like cheating, and too often people will ask "what's the point?" and give up altogether.

Change your unhealthy diet and lifestyle. Lose weight. Quit smoking. Drink less ("quit drinking forever" being the popular variation of this among college kids). Spend more time with _____. Spend less money on _____. File taxes on time, this time. And the list goes on.

Although well-intentioned and noble, goals that comprise our New Year's resolutions can oftentimes feel a bit daunting or nearly impossible.

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