What Sellers Need to Fix After a Home Inspection

Posted by Tarvin Realtors on Sunday, March 8th, 2020 at 12:36pm.

You hired a Tarvin Realtors agent who guided you through the home selling process. Through accurate pricing and utilizing Tarvin's concierge services to stage your home, you have a buyer! 

A home inspection is typically scheduled within a few weeks after the purchase offer has been signed by both parties and the "attorney review" period is over. No home is perfect, so the inspection report will most likely reveal items that are not up to standard or are in need of repair or replacement. Often a repair request looks a lot worse than it is, home inspectors have terminology they use to protect themselves and to inform the buyer of what they mean, explaining terms and describing what they have found. 

Once you have read through the repair request you will more than likely come up with a list of items you can reasonably take care of, a list of items you will not take care of and possibly some items that you will need to get an estimate on before you decide if you're going have them repaired. 

Small repairs that don't require a professional and can be quickly fixed are recommended. Safety issues, damages to the structure of the house or other major components should also be repaired. This can include roofing issues, HVAC deficiencies, problems with the foundation, and building code violations. 

Ultimately, the market conditions will play a big role in what buyers will ask you to repair or replace. As local real estate experts that have been assisting buyers and sellers just like you for decades, we’ve developed a checklist for buyers and sellers in Ridgewood to help better prepare you. Because the home inspection can be a deal breaker in a real estate transaction, it is important to hire an experienced negotiator like Tarvin Realtors to educate you throughout the entire process. 


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