Commuting From Ridgewood to New York City

Posted by Tarvin Realtors on Friday, September 26th, 2014 at 2:34pm.

commuting ridgewood to nycCommuter towns are becoming increasingly popular for those who wish to get more bang for their buck when purchasing their dream home. Not only can you find a larger house with a spacious yard by looking outside of the city, but your property value is more likely to maintain or increase. Furthermore, you have a better selection of school districts, and the ability to choose safe and quiet bedroom communities, ideal for raising children. It's no wonder that many people choose to live outside the city and commute into their workplace.

Are you considering Ridgewood, but want more information about your trip into the city? Look no further than this overview of commuting from Ridgewood, NJ to NYC.

Commuting To NYC From Ridgewood, NJ

There are four ways to travel from Ridgewood into the New York. The more popular options continue to be the train and the bus, however, for trips outside of rush hours, a drive by car is an ideal choice. Further, many health-conscious Ridgewood residents choose to ride their bike into the city as well.

Travel By Train

Route: There are 2 popular routes into New York City by train.

1) Ridgewood Station to Secaucus to Penn Station

2) Ridgewood Station to Hoboken. From Hoboken you have the choice of taking the NY Waterway Ferry, or the NJ PATH Train.

Cost: $9.25 one way / $273 monthly

Travel Tip: Save stress and money by walking or riding your bike to the station. Parking can be a nightmare to find and is very costly - take full advantage of the bike racks available.

Take The Bus

Route: Ridgewood Bus Terminal to Port Authority (Bus No 163/164)

Cost: The cost is calculated by zone. Visit the New Jersey Transit website for more information.

Travel Tip: Buses have their own lane, so they don't have to deal with the same tunnel traffic that cars do making the commute a bit quicker.

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Drive Your Car

Route: Drive into Manhattan via the George Washington Bridge or the Lincoln Tunnel

Cost: Factor in the rising costs of gas, and the wear and tear on your vehicle.

Travel Tip: Consider car pooling to save on gas costs and driving responsibility.

Commute By Bike

Route: It is approximately a 25 mile ride into Manhattan. There are a variety of routes to consider, mixing bike paths and busy roads without bike lanes, however, all routes end up using the George Washington Bridge.

Cost: By far the cheapest option, you only have to worry about the cost of your bike, safety gear, and possibly a gym membership to wash up before heading into the office.

Travel Tip: There is a group of Ridgewood residents who commute by bike together. Check out their different routes and get some company for your trip!

The knowledgeable agents at Tarvin Realtors have much more information about commuting from Ridgewood into New York City. If you are considering moving to our beautiful bedroom town, then send us a message now so that we can give you a better picture of what your trip into city would be like. We have over 40 years of experience when it comes to helping buyers and sellers of Ridgewood real estate, so we have an in-depth knowledge of the town and are equipped to answer any of your questions.

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