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Posted by Tarvin Realtors on Thursday, November 3rd, 2016 at 12:55pm.

Like many of us, you might think of a home library as an insane luxury amenity that no person with a reasonable amount of square footage—even in a prestigious Ridgewood estate—could possibly own. Maybe you knew you could have one in your home, but just haven't been sure where or how to start. Well, we can help with that. Creating the cozy, elegant literary enclave of your dreams within the walls of your Ridgewood home isn't the simplest of tasks, but it's certainly not as complex as many more common home add-ons such as swimming pools or full-out room remodels. If you're looking for a way to enrich your home without breaking down a wall or creating an industrial black hole of construction for weeks on end, why not embrace a space where you can relax, learn, and escape to other worlds within the comfort of your own home? Here are 5 great ideas for those looking to create their perfect home library.

Invest In A Standalone Fireplace

If your home library won't already be in a room with a fireplace, it might be worth investing in a standalone electric fireplace. Nothing makes a room more optimal for reading than the crackle of a fire — real or fake. You might think this sounds tacky, and it definitely has the potential to be, but done right, a freestanding electric heater that mimics the inviting allure of a hearth can be the ribbon on top of a flawlessly executed home library project.

Incorporate Faux Wainscoting & Molding

If your house isn't already appointed with the beautiful architectural elements that are wainscoting and decorative molding, simply fake it till you make it. Using the magic of paint and a few materials that you can find at your local home improvement store, you can recreate these amazing architectural fixtures on the cheap. This is a quick and easy DIY that results in unparalleled elegance, which is something you're sure to want in your plush library.

Choose Any Color You Like

I know, we tend to favor neutrals — especially for those who are selling their homes soon. But if you, like most who are creating home libraries, have no plans to sell in the near future, why not change it up? Of course neutrals are great if you already have your plan in mind or you're opting for classic finishes complete with mahogany accents and leather furniture. But if you're not sure yet, don't feel pressured to go that route. Many libraries look gorgeous with rich jewel tones, regal pinks and purples, or even bright contemporary primary-color accent walls. What matters most is that you'll want to spend time in the room and that it fits you.

Set Up A Windowside Nook

A library within a library, a windowside nook is the ideal place to enjoy a cup of tea and enjoy the natural light or watch the snow fall on a cool winter evening. Here, you can place a smaller shelf with just your next set of reading materials to keep everything you need close by.

Find A Balance With Lighting

The lighting in your library should be cozy; you don't want the room to look too bright and clinical. That being said, you want to avoid strained eyes and the need to squint. Find the perfect balance of natural and artificial light. Banker's lamps may look classy, but they're not the best for reading books; rather, those types of desk lamps are ideal for poring over documents beneath them. Find something that creates an illuminating but dispersed glow that diffuses through the room and which you find it easy to read by.

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