From The Archives: A 1975 Dutch Colonial Estate Listing

Posted by Tarvin Realtors on Friday, June 17th, 2016 at 2:39pm.

This listing of a 'classic Dutch Colonial' dates from February 7th, 1975, when Tarvin Realtors had been in business for 4 years, and showcases a gorgeous luxury estate that could have been plucked directly from the stills of a golden age film. Situated on a treed lot, this stately house possesses all the features of a grand high society property: ornate detailing, rich wood, entertaining parlors, and even a handsome library. A listing price of just under $85,000 is representative of the posting's era, and although finding such a spectacular heritage estate at this price in today's market would be nearly impossible, Tarvin Realtors is still helping the residents of Ridgewood buy and sell at the fairest prices.

In the bottom of the listing, you'll see the contact information for Tarvin Realtors; specifically, a phone number which remains the same to this day. However, much has changed since this 1975 listing was posted in The Sunday News. From market prices to the office we operate from, the evolution of the company and the community has been vast. But you can still reach us at (201) 444-0690 and you can still count on us to find you a Ridgewood home that has all the character, elegance, and eminence of this stunningly crafted manor.

This post is part of our blog series: From The Archives. Stay tuned for more like it!

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