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Historic house lovers are very different from the average home enthusiast. Where a "normal" person sees a neglected pile of bricks that's past its prime, historic home lovers see nothing but the potential.

If you want to see coveted historic homes, all you have to do is tour Bergen County, New Jersey to find classic Cape Cods, updated Dutch Colonials, and asymmetrical Victorians. Dating from the early 1700s to current day, homes in Bergen County and surrounding area are worth a look. Although few antique homes have survived, the National Register of Historic Places, supports public and private efforts to identify, evaluate, and protect America's historic sites. Especially those in Bergen County!

Lets Talk Historical Bergen County and Ridgewood

The English and the Dutch first settled Bergen County in the colonial times, which means, many of the houses back then had a predominately Western European influence. With the completion of the West Shore Railroad, in the second half of the 1800s, prosperous middle-class families built many Victorian era homes, that were used as an escape from New York City's hot summers.

The railroad set off a modest real estate boom in and around Ridgewood, as New Yorkers were attracted to the area due to its easy distance from the station. The number of houses grew from 59 in 1851 to 1,200 in 1876. With this growth businesses were established to service the increasing population.

By the early 1900s residents were drawn to Ridgewood's clean air, broad tree-lined streets, numerous parks, and recreational facilities.

Some Of Our Favorite Historical Sites in Ridgewood and Bergen County, NJ

School House Museum of the Ridgewood Historical Society

This one-room schoolhouse, built in 1872, operated as a public school until 1905. At that time, it was a part of the School District No. 45. The original building was divided into separate entrances, with cloakrooms for boys and girls, from grade 1 through to 8. Would you believe that the original School House was built at a cost of just over $4,500? The Dutch colonial style of this building was evident as it featured a gambrel roof with overhanging eves.

The Old Stone House

The Old Stone house was built in the 1700s and is one of the oldest buildings in Ramsey, NJ. It is a Dutch sandstone farmhouse that was lovingly restored, and is now headquarters of the Ramsey Historical Society. The main floor of this farmhouse was maintained as an excellent example of Dutch colonial architecture. It's second floor hosts a Junior Museum.

The Fell House

Originally called "Peterfield" this mid 1800s mansion was the home of John Fell, Bergen County Revolutionary War patriot. This mansion was built in three phases. John Fell built the first portion in the mid-1700s with a wing being added in the 1800s. In 1915 another addition was built, and this gorgeous house was brought to its current Colonial Revival state. Portions of the existing house are Revolutionary or pre-Revolutionary age, and an amazing historic example worth seeing.

Today Ridgewood, in Bergen County, is the pride of New Jersey, with its vintage homes and "main street" appeal. The restaurants, shops, and a quaint downtown, attract homebuyers from all regions. Commuting proximity to New York continues to service those who rely on the big city for their livelihood. Appreciation for the past and optimism for the future is what Ridgewood in Bergen County offers.

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