How Not To Sell Your Ridgewood Home

Posted by Tarvin Realtors on Monday, July 18th, 2016 at 1:28pm.

If you're selling your Ridgewood home, you've probably heard your share of advice since you made the decision. From popping cookies in the oven to creating a personalized digital ad for your home, the options for innovative and unique approaches to selling are only increasing by the day. But before you get too creative and strategic with your selling ideas, go back to basics. Do you have all your essentials covered? Here's a quick list of things you should avoid when selling your home. Even if you have the most spectacular and trendiest marketing video on social media, if you do any of the following, you could set yourself back.


Take Your Own Photos

Are you a professional photographer? Are you a professional property photographer? No? Then don't take your own photos. Images create the strongest — and often the first — impression of your home for prospective buyers, even before curb appeal for those who discover your home online. You've seen them: listings that show cluttered rooms, dimly-lit basements, and fuzzy photos of unfinished garages. Maybe yours aren't that bad, but they won't have the hard-hitting effect of professionally polished photos. Not only can they make your home look beautifully lit, spacious, and capture its best characteristics, the crisp quality of these photos will resonate with buyers and can subconsciously establish trust.

Hang Around The House During Viewings

Sure, you want to meet potential buyers and hopefully encourage them to see the home as you do. But hanging around the home during viewings is not the best route. Buyers tend to feel pressured and constricted by the presence of the seller, and often it can feel like something is being hidden. Most importantly, buyers may hesitate to speak openly about their concerns regarding the home. If they leave with unanswered questions, there's no guarantee that they'll follow up.

Let Your Pets Hang Around

To you, there's nothing more important than Fido & Tiger. To homebuyers, not so much. When buyers see your pets, they think of extra cleaning, extra scratches, and they think of you. Rather, they should be thinking of themselves, envisioning their family and their new life in your home. If your pets keep popping around the corner, this vision will be hard to maintain.

Determining The Listing Price Yourself

When you're first considering selling your home, it makes perfect sense to browse the market to gauge how much your house might be worth. But as you become more serious about your decision, it's smart to have a professional appraise the property for you.


Forget To Interview Your Real Estate Agent

It's a wise move to work with a professional real estate agent during the selling of your home. But that doesn't mean you don't have to ask around and find the Realtor who's the right fit for you and your house. You can always chat with different agents, interview them, and find someone whose values and approaches match your own. To find out more about why Tarvin Realtors is the right choice for you, contact us or read more about our company.

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