How to Create a Minimalist Home in 2017

Posted by Tarvin Realtors on Friday, January 13th, 2017 at 12:16pm.

A huge trend for 2017 is minimalism. Between becoming more environmentally friendly, energy-efficient, and just letting go of unused and unwanted stuff, the minimalist life if definitely appealing for many homeowners. So how do you start paring and editing your home into a minimalist haven? Here are some of our top tips for creating a minimalist home in 2017:

Throw Away Anything that Does not Spark Joy

In The Life Changing Method of Tidying Up, Japanese professional organizer Marie Kondo suggests getting rid of anything in your home that does not spark joy. So what does that mean exactly? While typical organizing methods ask you to determine if the item is useful, the KonMari method instead wants you to keep things that make you happy. Take a look through your possessions, if you don’t immediately feel a sense of joy, donate it or toss it. You’ll end up with a lot fewer things that you truly love instead of a whole bunch of things that you only kind of like.

Take a Look at Your Furniture

Is your home full of chairs people never sit in or beds that no one sleeps in? Sure, it’s handy to be prepared for guests, but if you are not regularly using these furniture pieces, getting them out of the way is best for a minimalist home. Donate used furniture or store it away for those special occasions where you may need more seating room. By only keeping useful items and keeping the floor clear, you’ll feel more peaceful and relaxed at home.

Stick to Neutral Colors and Minimal Décor

The minimalist life is meant to inspire tranquility and contentment in people. If your home’s walls are painted with loud colors and outlandish wall décor, it will impact your mood. For a minimalist approach to home décor, stick to neutral wall colors and keep your wall décor to a minimal. Trying the KonMari approach to your wall décor will also help pare things down. Take all your pictures off the wall and assess each one by how much joy it brings you. If the answer is none, donate or throw it out.

Clever Storage is Your Friend

Living in a minimalist home doesn’t mean you have absolutely no possessions at all. You will still need to keep some things around. For that, we recommend ample storage. Boxes and bins are great for keeping things out of sight while adding opaque bins to your bookshelves can help organize books and reduce clutter.

Embrace Technology

With the rise of apps and technology such as Netflix, Spotify, Apply Music, and more, the need to collect things like DVD’s and CD’s is almost completely gone. Sign up for subscriptions to these services and purge your home of all the unwatched DVD’s and old CD’s that you are hanging on to. Chances are, you won’t be listening to them in the near future and in reality they are simply gathering dust.

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