How To Make A Small Space Look & Feel Spacious!

Posted by Tarvin Realtors on Wednesday, May 18th, 2016 at 3:55pm.

There is a wealth of reasons that one might choose a small living space. Maybe it's the most affordable option; maybe you're simply looking for a minimalist and modern approach to home ownership (small spaces are highly trendy). Perhaps you have a heritage home filled with many small rooms, built before open-concept layouts were in vogue. Maybe you even already have a very spacious home but that one room is making you feel cramped. No matter your situation, these 5 handy tips can help you make that "cozy" space feel like a roomy haven where you can stretch out and relax.

Go Digital

You'd be surprised to see how much of your clutter and space-filling items would be eliminated if you embraced the digital into more aspects of your life. Recipe books and coffee table books? Newspapers and magazines? Photo frames? All of this can be consolidated with a little help from technology. 10 photo frames or a wall full of family pictures can be traded in for a sleek digital frame that displays beautiful, high-quality slideshows. Your dusty file folders full of financial documents can be consolidated into a clean, streamlined, digital format; cut your incoming mail by setting up online statements and bills.

Though books are beautiful and look very distinguished, only keep the ones you know you'll read again and again. Not only will you be giving others a chance to find affordable books but you'll clear an unbelievable amount of dust-gathering clutter. Organize the books you have onto a shelf — don't have them lying around in piles of 2 or 3. For anything you know you won't want to keep long term, simply use an e-reader.

Adhere To The Cantaloupe Rule

The cantaloupe rule is a surefire way to avoid ending up with a mess of trinkets. And no — it's not about food. The cantaloupe rule states that items smaller than a typical cantaloupe lead the way to clutter. Not convinced? See for yourself. Stash away your tiny Eiffel Tower, your 7-inch Statue of Liberty, and your decorative frogs and observe how much more modern, fresh, and open your home feels. Large statement pieces contribute to the spacious ambiance of a room; small, eclectic items can make you feel cramped in with piles of junk.

Actually Save Space!

Decluttering is one thing, as is clearing excess miscellaneous that you added to your home. But there are many ways to physically open up the space you're working with. Strategic space-saving is one of the most popular aspects of homeownership right now. From converting bathrooms into "wet rooms", to installing pocket doors, folding beds, and one-wall kitchens, the options are endless. Best of all? You won't feel like you're missing anything or making a sacrifice. The pristine minimalism will make your home feel lightweight, airy, and much more relaxing!

Scrap The Carpets

We know it, you know it — the less carpet the better. This doesn't mean it can't be extremely luxurious in moderation, but when you're working with a small space and want it to feel more open and contemporary, you can do so easily by trading carpet for wood, laminate, or tile. Easier to clean, sleeker, and more luminous, these finishes will make a noticeable difference in how spacious your room feels.


Go For A Light Palette

Dark paint colors: stately, classic, prestigious. Light colors: modern, energizing, and masters of illusion. If you don't have the budget or the option to smash down walls, install a wet room, or make any of the other industrial changes needed to physically open up your home, you can always opt for optical illusions. A light, neutral palette is the key to creating a visual effect of spaciousness, while reflective materials will illuminate the room and abolish that feeling of confinement.

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