Incorporate Natural Elements Into Your Ridgewood Home

Posted by Tarvin Realtors on Friday, April 7th, 2017 at 5:17pm.

If you've been browsing home magazines, you've likely noticed the modern trend towards incorporating natural surfaces in home design. Sparkly water features, repurposed lumber, and unfinished stone surfaces are all making a come-back.

Here are a few ways you can incorporate natural elements into your Ridgewood home:

Vertical Planters

Nothing adds vibrancy to a room like greenery. Traditionally, most home owners keep their plants perched on sunny window sills, set in the middle of their dining room table, or tucked into corners where they won't get tipped over.

A vertical planter is not only a space efficient way to keep a lot of plants, it's also one of the best ways to make your greenery pop. Visitors aren't used to seeing a set of plants hanging from a wall, and the effect is impressive and quite charming.

There are a number of unique designs when it comes to affixing the flora to the wall. There are products on the market that look like a collection of many cloth pockets where greens can be planted. There are also some that look like modified shelving units. Others get creative and see what they can come up with using old milk crates, hung tin buckets, and upcycled ladders.

In the kitchen, these can not only serve as an unexpected bouquet, they can also house fresh spices, herbs, and edible plants. Which means this plant wall can be surprisingly useful.


Few substances are more durable and long lasting than stone. Toss in the fact that many stones boast mesmerizing natural marbling or flecks of quartz and other bright bits of color, and there's no doubt that stone can be an incredibly beautiful material as well.

Best of all, it's versatile. When it comes to incorporating stone into your home, there are few limits. Consider a granite slab counter top. These range in every color under the sun. From brilliant whites, to sleek blacks, to dusty pinks, there's no shortage of options. Alternatively, ditch the glass finger tiles in the kitchen backspalsh and using travertine tiles or a more rugged stone.

In the bathroom, one of the latest trends are pebble tile flooring. Perfect for your shower, this charming flooring type lends a peaceful natural appeal to your shower while gently massaging the heels and balls of your feet.

Also consider making the most of your brick exteriors or interiors. Originally crafted from soft clays and muds, these porous stone surfaces offer a dynamic range of red and brown hues that work together to create an attractive and natural pattern.


There's no denying that the swirls and whorls of woodgrain is beautiful. Wood even comes in a wealth of colors and patterns. There's the tight curls of the Birdseye maple, and the rich hue of Purple Heart. So, if you're redoing your flooring or buying new furniture, consider investing in a well-crafted wood piece. The warm rich colors can provide a nice touch to a living space.

Reclaimed lumber accents are another trend that is becoming increasingly popular. If you can track down some old lumber from railway ties, barns, high school bleachers, or even old buildings, these pieces can be great materials to transform into new flooring or accent beams overhead.

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