Make Your Ridgewood NJ Home Stand Out This Halloween!

Posted by Tarvin Realtors on Tuesday, October 4th, 2016 at 12:30pm.

Halloween in Ridgewood is always a fun time, filled with family events, candy, and of course breathtaking decorations. Ridgewood's large homes and leafy lots are perfect for crafting a spooky or simply beautiful Halloween display. However, it can be tricky (no pun intended) to create a home that stands out above the rest and truly reflects the work you put into creating your holiday masterpiece. Don't fret — rethinking your Halloween decor and coming up with fresh new ideas doesn't have to mean going out and buying brand new decorations to replace or supplement your current ones. You can repurpose old items, shop second-hand, or just buy some craft supplies and make them yourself. Halloween isn't all about decorations, either; you can build a reputation for being the most fun house on the block by simply adding to the experience with quirks and atmospheric enhancements. If you're stuck on ideas but still want to change things up, here are 9 ways to turn your Ridgewood home into everyone's favorite Halloween haunt!

Remember That Jack-O-Lanterns ≠ Pumpkins

History tells us that the original Jack-O-Lanterns were not crafted from our favorite gourd, the pumpkin. Rather, turnips and other root vegetables were the original lanterns of choice. The pumpkin has become such a central symbol of Halloween that these traditions have long since been forgotten by many, but you can bring them back with a stylish and historically savvy bang this year. Carving up and lighting turnips might sound silly at first, but give one a try and you'll discover that these can actually look creepier, grittier, and more ghostly than pumpkin Jack-o-Lanterns. They make for spooky, character-rich, and elegant heritage pieces for the home. Bonus points for the lack of pumpkin gunk to scoop out and the minimal mess. For a tropical twist, carve out a pineapple instead!

Give The Scarecrow His Brain

Scarecrows are often underrepresented in the Halloween world these days. What seemed spooky and forlorn to us as kids now just reminds us of pleasant rural pastures and a need for keeping pesky avian creatures off delicious crops. But think back to when you looked at these cute and necessary field friends as creepy, and you'll understand their Halloween potential and the imaginative appeal they still present to kids. Spice yours up with ghostly cheesecloth, costumes, and even a spooky soundtrack that you can set up around your lawn.

Hang Orbs In Your Trees

If your home is like many of those in Ridgewood, it's surrounded by lush landscaping and lovely trees, perfect for appointing with creepy cobwebs or moody lighting. Lighting plays a major role in the ambiance of your set-up so take advantage of the leafy settings by placing "orbs" throughout the branches, created with paper lantern string lighting or Christmas lights.

Embrace Sheet Ghosts

Remember sheet ghosts? Of Charlie Brown—and almost everything else—fame? Well, they've gone from common, to outdated and antiquated, to symbols of classic, witty simplicity. As a beloved throwback to simpler Halloweens in simpler times, incorporating these cheap and easy additions into your decor set is bound to make your home stand out by just sticking to timeless chic.

Set Up A Candy Bar

"Candy bars?" you think. "Of course I'm going to be handing out candy bars!" No, we're not referring to that type of bar. Rather, think breakfast or cocktail bar—only for candy instead. This charming concept has become overwhelmingly popular at weddings, birthdays, and other holidays, but what better time to conjure up a candy bar than the holiday that's all about sweets? Check Pinterest for inspiration. Opt for a monochrome black-and-white candy buffet or go nuts with orange, candy corn, and uncanny treats. This project can be a simple DIY or a time consuming endeavor depending on how much effort you want to put in. Either way, this is an idea that's sure to charm those who stop by your doorstep as well as guests of all ages! Your porch will be the favorite of the neighborhood.

Board Up Your Windows

It's strange how certain Halloween decorations can make visitors hesitant to go near and simultaneously make the house all the more enticing. Let trick-or-treaters approach with wariness by simply taking a few minutes to board up your windows with faux, foam boards!


Give Out Full-Sized Candy Bars

The verdict is in, and it says that homeowners who hand out full-sized candy bars on Halloween are the best! Trust us — your neighborhood will love you if you opt to distribute vending machine-sized bars of chocolate on this one day of the year where you can't have too much sugar.


Or, If You're Ultra Health-Conscious, Don't Give Out Candy At All!

If you're less concerned about being the favorite neighbor, but still want to give the children memorable, useful treats that don't involve copious amounts of sugar, try handing out glow sticks, erasers, school supplies, and granola bars.



Hand Out Menus

Give your trick-or-treating guests handmade Halloween-y menus and let them order their candy! If you want to take this to the next level, leave a menu on a stand at the door and take their order once they've rung the doorbell; decorate your entrance like a spooky dining room and dress up as a waiter to accomplish the full effect. Guests will love selecting their favorite type of treat.

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