Pet-Friendly Home Renovations

Posted by Tarvin Realtors on Thursday, April 13th, 2017 at 3:07pm.

With 36.5 percent of households in America having a dog and 30 percent of households having a cat, it might make sense for you to consider a few updates that will make caring for your pet a bit easier next time you're renovating your Ridgewood home.

Here are a few pet friendly home renovations worth considering.

Durable Flooring

The network of scratch marks and nail prints embedded into hardwood are a familiar sight for most of us. It's simply what happens when you have both a large dog and wooden flooring. So, if the hardwood has gone the way of the dodo in your home, consider updating to a pet-friendly flooring material that's a bit more durable.

Vinyl and cork flooring are durable and affordable options. Tile is another excellent option. It comes in many different prints, colors, and styles. Having that said, tile can be cold, so it may be worth installing heating coils below that. These will keep you and your pet nice and warm through the winter months.

Feeding Stations

Everybody needs to eat, and while most of the time, it's as simple as placing a bowl full of kibble on the floor and calling it a day, we've all seen the dog that follows his bowl from one end of the room to the next as it gently scoots away from him with each lap of his tongue. All of a sudden, the cozy corner you've dedicated to your dog's food dish is empty, and you're on a hunt for a dish and stray kibbles.

Many modern kitchens have transformed a low drawer into a pet feeding station. The drawer pulls out and has space for a dish of dry food and a water bowl. Other homes have these tucked into a bottom shelf of the island in your kitchen. Feeding stations like these not only solve the problem of food dishes walking away, they're also an adorable update to your kitchen or whichever room of the house you choose to incorporate them into.

Dog Showers

If your family pet loves to romp around in the mud and play in the bush, you might find yourself in a position where every time you let your pet into your home you're toweling them off and rinsing their paws so that they don't track mud throughout your home and into your carpet.

If that's the case, you might consider a dog shower. These take the form a small shower with shorter sides. They can be incorporated into a normal mudroom and can actually be incredibly useful for a broad range of other things, such as washing off muddy boots or dirty camping gear and sports equipment.

Pet Room

While more and more full-time employees are starting to have options about whether they want to come into the office every day or work from home, there are still plenty of homeowners who have to leave their house for 8+ hours per day in order to pay their bills and afford their lifestyles.

For pet owners, this raises the question of what happens to your pet while you're gone for the day. For some, the choice is easy. They let their dog run loose in their fenced backyard, or they have an exceptionally well-behaved pet who can be trusted to roam the house. However, for others the choice isn't always so simple, and they must resort to confining their pet a crate.

If you don't have the option of giving your dog free reign of the backyard because of harsh weather conditions or a lack of fencing, and you know your dog will get into all kinds of trouble if left to explore the house, consider dedicating a room to your dog. The laundry room is a popular choice for many pet owners. You'll want to select a closed-off space where you can keep your dog's bed, food and water dishes, and toys all in one space. This not only means your pet has ample space throughout the day, it also means that if your furry friend isn't the neatest, all of the mess will be contained to one place.

If you can afford the expense, a fence is often well worth the cost. While chain-link fences generally won't increase the value of your property, a wood or stone fence will often increase your home's worth and make you stand out from others on the block.

For more information on finding a pet-friendly home on the Ridgewood real estate market, contact Tarvin REALTORS®. As experienced agents, they are dedicated to helping you find the home that best fits your needs.

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