Plan Your Fall 2016 In Ridgewood!

Posted by Tarvin Realtors on Monday, September 12th, 2016 at 2:54pm.

If you're itching to jump into fall in Ridgewood, you're in luck — the season is just around the corner. And Ridgewood does fall the right way, with piles of red leaves, beautifully brisk parks to stroll through, and cozy concoctions. Fall also signifies the return to some of the best schools around. While the days are still temperate, fall lovers living in Ridgewood can prepare for what is arguably the most beautiful season by penciling Ridgewood's famous fall activities into their schedules. Here are 10 fun things to do in Ridgewood that will get you in the spirit of fall.

Go Pumpkin Picking

The classic and most quintessential fall activity is best experienced nowhere other than the areas surrounding Ridgewood, New Jersey. Bergen County is home to a truly fantastic selection of family farms with beautiful pumpkin patches, hay mazes, and petting zoos. Pull on your gum boots and your favorite knitted pullover and take a scenic drive to one of these farms where you can sip on apple cider and browse the fresh produce on display. Come home with a handful of gourds, yams, or eggs and cook up some fall treats from pumpkin pie to sweet potatoes with cinnamon.

Go Apple Picking

Alternatively, take part in another timeless fall favorite — apple picking! Bergen County orchards are the perfect place to stock up on the sweet fruits and the pastries crafted out of them. Another excuse to head out to more rural spots and drink even more apple cider, this is a great way to spend time with the family—and the community— while enjoying the fresh air.

Attend A Fall Festival

The Ridgewood Fall Art & Craft Street Fair offers lovely arts & crafts exhibits where you can witness a showcase of local talent and head home with beautiful handcrafted pieces and a full belly. The kids can stay occupied with pony rides and fun activities. You'll love this September 18th tradition so much, you might decide to head to the Glen Rock Autumn Craft Street Fair the following week!

Stay In & Cook!

There's nothing that says "fall" like staying inside your home and preparing a rich fall soup with seasonal vegetables. Or, perhaps you're the pastry type, in which case it's crumbles and cakes, pies and more. Or, you could opt for one of the amazing fall casseroles to sate your appetite. Prepping and enjoying food you bought from Ridgewood-area farms and orchards is not only fulfilling, it's endlessly pleasant!

Stop By A Corn Maze

Getting lost and then found at a corn or hay maze is so quintessentially fall that no autumn would be complete without it. Whether you're taking kids or just enjoying the magic yourself, you'll find that this is one annual activity that never gets old!


Go For A Run, Walk, Or Jog!

Fall is a time when many of us seem to ease off our exercise schedules, whether intentionally or not. But not you! While it's tempting to curl up with a book and a cup of tea instead of heading out into the cool air, you'd be surprised at how ideal fall is for exercising outdoors. The draining heat of summer has passed and the frigid temperatures of winter are far away. In fall, you'll warm up in no time and will likely find the freshness of the air invigorating — but not too crisp. Going for a jog through the leafy fall foliage could be the perfect way to stay active and at a comfortable temperature. Just make sure to keep a hat and gloves with you and to keep your chest insulated — cold air can be hard on the lungs!

Head Out Into The Mountains

If you love the leaves of fall, there might be nothing that suits you more than a weekend in the Catskills or the Adirondacks. Simply take a driving tour, or enhance your weekend with a cozy mountain town cabin experience. Go for a calming morning paddle or take a stroll with a cup of cocoa for the full effect.


Offer To Rake For A Neighbor

The fall spirit is all about community, right? So why not lend a helping hand to your neighbors? Offer to rake or clean gutters—or help in any way you can— for someone in your neighborhood and strengthen connections with those who live nearby. Even taking some pumpkin pie over to a neighbor you haven't seen in a while will make for a pleasant afternoon!

Try Pumpkin Seeds With Different Toppings

Salty or sweet? You no longer have to choose. Go with classic butter and salt seasoning, or opt for cinnamon, butter, and brown sugar. Pumpkin seeds are a perfect healthy snack for an autumn-themed treat!



Take Up A New Hobby

Many of us have favorite winter and summer activities, and fall can be a lull for some. Why not use the opportunity to take up a new hobby? Learn an instrument, start painting, or try your hand at anything else you've been longing to learn!

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