Preparing for Back to School in Ridgewood: What to do With Your Home?

Posted by Tarvin Realtors on Thursday, August 3rd, 2017 at 2:07pm.

With back-to-school season approaching quickly, the list of errands to take care of is likely increasing by the day. Getting your child ready for back to school is difficult enough as it is, but you also have to consider how to prepare your home for back to school. Reorganizing your home to ensure it's ideal for a child or teenager attending school—not to mention the parents supporting those kids—is just as important as choosing the right supplies, clothes, and after-school activities at Ridgewood High School or any of the nearby elementary schools or middle schools. Here are a few tips from Tarvin Realtors to get your home ready for back to school.

Check Your Inventory of Supplies

When considering what school supplies your child needs for school and where you might be able to buy them, you should first consider going through your kid's desks and any other applicable areas to see if you don't already have those supplies. You'd be surprised at the things you've bought, but completely forgotten about—or more importantly, that your child has forgotten about.

Another reason to do an inventory check just before schools starts is to find out what you need to get rid of. Clothes that are worn out or too small, outdated or broken supplies, and any other items you don't think your child will ever use again should be tossed out, as they'll only get in the way of your child finding what they need when they're getting ready for school. Checking to see which supplies are broken is also a good way to figure out what you need before you go shopping.

Prepare a Homework Station

As you probably already know, one of the keys to focusing and getting your work done is having a good work station. Working in a noisy space with papers and a general lack of elbow room makes it extremely hard to concentrate on getting things done, which can hinder your child's success. Avoid a situation where your child has to work at the dinner table or in a room with a make-shift desk that's covered in all sorts of non-school-related items. Invest in a desk with plenty of drawers that's more than large enough for your child to fit their paperwork and a computer, ideally in their bedroom. If you can't fit this in the bedroom, anywhere else in the home that is reasonably quiet and doesn't have a television should be fine.

Get a Calendar for the Fridge

Even with the convenience of entering appointments and events into the calendar on your phone, there is still significant value in a physical calendar that you can hang on the wall near the door or attach to the fridge where others can see it. Every family needs a schedule they can all look at together and refer to when they need to be reminded of what's happening tomorrow or later in the week/month. Another type of calendar to invest in is a weekly calendar that can easily be erased to update each child's activities from week to week.

Declutter and Clean

Decluttering and cleaning your home is essentially to helping achieve some of the other items on this list. In particular, sorting through many of the items that belong to your kids will aide you in creating an inventory of what you need to purchase and what you already own for the coming school year. It may also help create enough space for the perfect desk that will help your child with his or her homework. Doing a big purge of all your unused items isn't just for spring cleaning. It will help your children or teenagers start the school year with a room and works space that's fresh and clean. This, in turn, will help them mentally prepare to head back to school!

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