Staging Your Ridgewood Home: A Guide

Posted by Tarvin Realtors on Friday, June 10th, 2016 at 9:22am.

As homeowners, we tend to accumulate a wealth of miscellaneous clutter over time, something which unsurprisingly lends our home a "lived-in" feel. We may think that at its cleanest and tidiest, our homes are at their most appealing and are buyer-ready. But strategic staging is a much more effective way to impress potential buyers; it gives our homes that extra polish and aesthetic charm that can only result from careful planning. Whether you choose to hire a professional home stager or you're using this as a DIY project — or you're preparing your home for a professional consultation — here are 5 tips that can help you get started.

Start Outside

The exterior of your home is what gives browsing buyers their first impression, and as such, it's one of the most important parts of staging your home. Start with cultivating a fresh, lush lawn, and move onto tending to any plants and shrubbery you have. If you have trees, prune them; if you have ornaments, ensure they are untarnished and add to the visual appeal. Make sure that your coach lights or outdoor lights are clean and working and that your trim is chip-free. If you can't afford to paint the entire exterior of your home, at least add a fresh coat to the door and its frame. Any driveway cracks should be filled — and don't forget the weeds that flourish in the grooves.

Clean Deeply

There's no point in staging a home that's just "regular" clean. Make sure to "detail" your home, covering the nooks and crannies, the insides of cupboards (which buyers will open at a viewing), and shampoo and steam clean your carpets if you have them.


Organize Closets And Cupboards

Buyers scoping out a potential home are always told to check in closets and cupboards. So, as sellers we need to make sure they're content with what they find, by neatly organizing these spaces to show how efficient they are and how well they can store items. So, neatly stack your towels or linens in that hall closet, but don't try to jam any other supplies in them. If you're not sure where you can keep your excess possessions, it's often worth renting a storage facility while showings are going on.

Make Sure Everything Works

Buyers are picky — as they should be. This means that they'll be turning lights on and off, switching on taps, and opening refrigerators. One oversight might not seem like much — you might even promise to have it fixed before the sale. Still, that one little defect is enough to make buyers wonder what else they're missing and decide that the home's not up to standard.


You might find kitsch charming, but buyers almost certainly won't. You might think there's nothing more beautiful in the world than your children's drawings — again, not everyone will feel the same way. Present your home as a clean slate, a luminous and minimalist canvas that buyers can tailor to their own preferences. As you might have guessed, this includes colors; while rich, jewel tones may have appealed to your vision for a regal manor, neutral palettes sell homes and allow buyers to better visualize their own approach.

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