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Updating a Period Kitchen - Homeowners - Tarvin Realtors

There are plenty of great Ridgewood homes for sale, including some dating back to the Victorian era! Sometimes older homes need a bit of work, but updating a period home can be a bit of a mixed bag. A remodel is necessary, but a complete overhaul could end up destroying the home's unique, historic beauty and rustic charm. This is especially true in the kitchen. How do you strike a balance between historic charm and modern convenience? Here are a few tips.

  • Plan. Go through the entire kitchen and determine what you want to keep and what you want to replace or add. Do the rustic, hardwood floors still work, or would you rather have modern tile? Perhaps the ornate faucets above the sink are worth keeping, but the pipes below need to be replaced. Talk to a contractor who understands old homes and can help you make these decisions.

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Luxury Kitchen Trends for 2021 - Tarvin Realtors

For the better part of 2020, we logged way more time than ever before in the kitchen. This room has stepped up to be a makeshift office, schooling room, family room, and more. Now, we know what we're tired of looking at, what works and what doesn't, and what we'd want to change. In fact, there's been a boom in renovations with homeowners looking for stylish, yet functional ways to bring their kitchen to life. Investing in a minor or major kitchen reno can prove invaluable, while you live in the home and when you add it to the list of Ridgewood homes for sale. Here are the luxury kitchen trends that are bound to be huge in 2021 and beyond.

  • Increased Storage
    Storage ideas are at the forefront for 2021 kitchen trends. Kitchens are working harder to accommodate higher volumes of groceries, utensils, and small appliances such as instant pots, air fryers, and bread makers. You'll see a lot of dedicated pantries, stand-alone freezers, enhanced cabinetry solutions, and kitchen organizers.

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