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Moving to New Jersey - Buy a Home - Tarvin Realtors

Welcome to New Jersey! But before you become an official resident of the Garden State, it's important to invest some time planning your big move. Having a solid plan can save money and reduce stress while ensuring that you hit your target dates when moving from out of state. Our agents have some practical tips and advice to make your move to New Jersey go as smoothly as possible.

  • Set Your Budget
    Your budget for moving will play an important role in planning, so it's helpful to plan how much you're willing to spend before making other decisions. In addition to the costs of moving your belongings, consider how you and your family will be traveling to your new home. No matter your budget, make sure to leave some breathing room to cover any unexpected costs.

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Last-Minute Move - Buy a Home - Tarvin Realtors

Moving is never for the faint of heart, but a last-minute move? Look out, those of you who sold a house quicker than you thought, as well as buyers who suddenly have found a house to buy. You're going to need your strength, whether you're moving into that home you found among Ridgewood homes for sale, or you just sold one.

Never fear. Here are some tips from our agents that will help you calm down and get it together for your sudden move.

  1. Hire movers or hire a truck, but decide quickly
    You'll need to decide right away if the job is too big for you and your helpers and you need to hire movers, or if you think you can handle it and just need a truck. If you hire movers, decide if you're going to pack yourself or ask movers to pack for you. Make at least three calls to moving truck companies and three to professional movers, but also look for reviews and recommendations before you go with the lowest bid. Decide as soon as possible, to avoid being told no trucks or moving vans are available when you want to move.

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