Things to Consider when Moving from a Big City to a Small Community

Posted by Tarvin Realtors on Thursday, January 26th, 2017 at 12:19pm.

Moving to a smaller community from a big town can seem like a severe adjustment at first. In the small, close-knit community of Ridgewood, NJ, we have many families and professionals from the city move in. Although the contrast between downtown Ridgewood and Manhattan can seem jarring at first, there are a few things you should consider when moving to a smaller community:

You Will Get More Space for Your Dollar

For many people living in the city, a studio or one-bedroom apartment is all they can afford. The cost of real estate in a major metropolitan area is astronomical compared to the property you could own in a smaller community. If space is something you crave, living in a small community is ideal. Homes in smaller communities are more affordable and you definitely get more living space (plus a backyard!) for your money.

Driving can be a Pleasant Experience

Driving in the city is often described as a string of expletives that should not be repeated. In a smaller community, there are fewer streets to navigate and far less traffic than in larger areas. Parking is also less of a hassle because smaller communities are often governed by by-laws that are not as strict as large cities so expect to receive fewer parking tickets as well!

There is a Greater Sense of Community

Ever notice that in the city, people tend to keep to themselves? Neighbors can go years without speaking to each other and, chances are, you won’t really connect with them on a personal level. In a smaller community, the opposite is true. Neighbors are encouraged to get to know each other and the benefits of being friends with others in the community are endless. With the ability to look out for one another, the community feels safer, if you are going on a trip, you can easily ask a neighbor to water your plants or feed the cat, and you have a close-knit network of friends if ever you need to borrow something.

24/7 Amenities are Often Not Available

With city living, it’s easy to get used to having access to things on a 24/7 basis. Drug stores, restaurants, convenience marts, they’re all usually available at all hours, making a quick trip to the store easy and efficient. However, in a smaller community, the demand for these 24-hour amenities is next to nothing. Most businesses maintain traditional hours. For a city person, this may take some getting used to. You’ll need to make sure your home is always fully stocked with the things you need because running to the grocery store at 1 a.m. is probably no longer possible. The best way to cope with this is to keep a running grocery list of things you need to pick up during regular hours.

Whether you’re looking for a slower-paced life or you simply wish to get out of the city and plant some roots in a smaller community, Ridgewood is the perfect place to settle. For more information on the real estate market in Ridgewood, contact Tarvin Realtors today at (201) 444-0690.

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