Ways To Improve Your Ridgewood Home On A Cold Or Rainy Day!

Posted by Tarvin Realtors on Wednesday, October 26th, 2016 at 11:21am.

Ridgewood's weather is getting a bit of a chilly edge to it, signifying that it's that time of year where we spend more time in the cozy comfort of our homes. This gives us the perfect opportunity to tackle some home improvement projects that we may have thought we didn't have time for in the summer (or at all). Plus, when you're lounging around the house enjoying the fireside comfort, you might just become more aware of what changes you'd like to make. The truth is, while we can make time to take care of the pre-winter home improvement necessities before fall kicks in, the more superficial, aesthetic changes get put on hold indefinitely. Likewise, less pressing—but still important— changes might still be awaiting your attention. Stuck inside on a brisk or rainy day? Here are 10 things you can do to be productive and enhance your Ridgewood home!

  • Look up staging tips and stage your home
  • Re-arrange furniture to increase walkability
  • Put up your Christmas decorations
  • Detangle electronic wires and find creative ways to hide them
  • Freshen up your baseboard paint
  • Spray paint a piece of furniture gold
  • Walk around your home and take inventory of everything that needs to be done; create an organized checklist and timeline for addressing these items (you'll be much less overwhelmed!)
  • Go through your closet and pare it down to a minimalist wardrobe; organize items into consignment, immediate sell, and give away
  • Select items that you can donate for the season of giving
  • Paint a statement or accent wall to brighten up an otherwise neutral part of the house

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