Ways to Make Your Home Pet-Friendly

Posted by Tarvin Realtors on Tuesday, February 7th, 2017 at 1:53pm.

If you’re fortunate enough to share your home with a fluffy companion, you understand the importance of keeping a pet-friendly home. Our pets are part of the family, making sure they are safe and comfortable is just as important as protecting our belonging from potential damage sustained from animal activity. Here are several ways to make your home pet-friendly:

Give Your Pet a Space of Their Own

Many animals will explore your home, looking for interesting places to sleep or play. In many cases, small, dangerous spots are appealing to animals, such as the dryer or washing machine, behind the fridge, and other hazardous places. By setting up a space for your pet that includes a nice bed, toys, and play area, the animal will most likely avoid the dangerous places in favor of the space you have provided.

Explore Dangerous Opportunities

When it comes to puppy-proofing or kitten-proofing your home, many animal experts suggest doing an all-fours inspection. By getting down on your hands and knees, you can easily see things from a dog’s point of view. It makes things a lot easier to identify as hazards. For example, curtains, blinds, electrical cords, loose window screens and other things in your home may not seem like a hazard for you, but they can prove to be dangerous for small animals.

Other things to consider are cupboards or garbage cans that animals can easily access. Make sure your cleaning products are stored away safely and the garbage is easy to secure to prevent curious animals from making a mess or hurting themselves.

Keep Things Clean

Making sure the dog goes out when he needs to and keeping the litter box or cage clean on a regular basis will eliminate accidents and foul odors from your home. Additionally, clean, groomed pets will live healthier, happier lives. It’s best to invest in furniture and flooring materials that are easy to clean and also invest in some quality stain removers or pet-friendly cleaning products in case of an accident.

Make Sure Your Houseplants are Safe

Animals love chewing on plants. It’s a fact. The issue here lies with houseplants that are toxic to animals when they are ingested. Aloe Vera, lilies, poinsettia, chrysanthemums, amaryllis are all known plants that are toxic to animals. Make sure your plants are safe for Fluffy or Fido before bringing them home.

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